Jiayu F1 Touch Screen Replacement

As always, one heard from the children: "It itself cracked!" Well, of course, by itself. The magical Aybolitic phrase: “Phone, do not be sick!”, Unfortunately, did not help. Change the sensor. Action in pictures. 1. First of all, take care of good lighting. Dismantling the device is simple. Cover, battery, screws. From tools small minus and plus screwdrivers and plastic mediator cloakrooms are needed.2. Everything is so small, it looks and feels fragile ...3. Here it is desirable only with a plastic tool.4. This is the most, ghm ... unsafe action. Be careful. The main thing is to do it slowly. Yes, you can also warm with a hairdryer.5. The heated adhesive sealant softens, the touch screen is not so easy, but quite amenable to tearing from the frame. We tear it off, do not particularly regret it. The glass is breaking.6. Having released the LCD screen with two latches on the sides, we will give some free movement to the circuit board. Enough to take out the old cable and insert a new one.7. Temporarily fix the parts, check the operability of the sensor. After checking, we again “relax” the board, screen and sensor in order to crawl and stick tape.8. Conventional double-sided tape. It has been in operation for a long time, it is holding normally.9. At the additional request of the seller, the packaging was good. You can even say perfectly. Outside and inside the foam box wrapped with a bump.Today's price is not the most optimal, goods can be found less than the indicated price. Took a long time and cheaper.