Rugged smartphone DOOGEE T5

Hello redlightgreen.
The desire of some manufacturers to single out their smartphones from the general mass is commendable. Some take power, others take the interface, while others take the look. ©
This smartphone is new, the start of sales began in August 2016 at a price of about $ 200. In mid-autumn, I purchased it to replace the strong, but already quite fed up texet3204r.
Ordered on October 4, at the time of purchase the phonecost $ 208 - the best price at that time ($ 5 coupon, free delivery, but now its price has decreased and can be found cheaper), I got it on my hands in Donetsk on October 22. The seller suggested sending via the Singapore Post.

apparently delivery took only 12 days to Rostov.
This smartphone comes in two versions that differ only in the filling - the number of RAM and ROM (3GB RAM, 32GB ROM) and (2GB RAM, 16GB ROM). I took the top version.
Screen specifications: TFT IPS, 5 ", 1280 × 720, capacitive, multi-touch (5 touches)
Processor: eight-core MediaTek MT6753, 1.3 GHz
Graphics Accelerator: Mali T720
Operating System: Android 6.0
Built-in memory: 32 GB
Memory card support: microSDHC up to 32 GB (separate slot)
Communication: GSM 900/1800 MHz || UMTS 900/2100 MHz || LTE: 1, 3, 7, 20
SIM: 2x micro-SIM, Dual SIM Dual Standby (DSDS) - SIM cards with a surprise. One of the sim cards is standard, old size, but the second is cropped.
Wireless interfaces: Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, Bluetooth 4.0
Navigation: GPS
Cameras: main - 13 megapixels (flash, autofocus), front - 5 megapixels
Sensors: light sensor, movement
Battery: 4500 mAh
Dimensions: 153.8x78.8x13.5 mm
Weight: 232 grams (in a set when a cover with leather and metal sides)
The phone came in in a plastic "envelope" withoutsome pimples inside, because of which the box received a little damage in the form of a scratch with a blunt (corner) object. However, this did not affect the integrity of the box (and even more so the contents). The box looks minimalistic: black pressed cardboard with embossed company name and model.

on the reverse side are also minimalistic feature pictures and IMEI codes.

Inside the box on one side is a telephone insuch a plastic “case”, with another additional back cover, under which in the recess (almost useless) a screwdriver, additional screws and side panels. Additional screws are needed for a “sports” configuration with a plastic cover and plastic sides, for which these bolts are needed (set).

under this velvet-coated plastic moldthere is another minimalistic cardboard box in which the instruction lies, an additional film on the glass, despite the fact that the phone comes with two films already glued - one is supposedly shipping and it should be removed, although the phone can be used without problems; a rag. Also in the box is a 5V 2A charger, OTG, USB cable - like all protected smartphones, elongated.

Interestingly, when connected to a computer, it was determined only by its native one, it was only charged by the texet cable, although they are identical in appearance, maybe the cable is non-standard.
A few photos of the phone with different cases.

When you take the phone out of the box, you immediately feel everything232 grams, since the phone defaults to "business" form. Why "business"? - Yes, because the phone is often called a business-sports one because of the possibility of customizing the appearance. Even after a 203 gram texet, DOOGEE is just a piece of lead. Yes, and metal sides (presumably stainless steel) add quality. It looks like in the pictures - no catch. The back cover, although plastic, is covered with embossed calf leather stitched according to one source, and another leatherette. I can’t say, but at least it doesn't stink of Chinese chemistry. The metal elements on the back cover are really metal, which are screwed onto the screws on the inside.

The lid fits snugly, although there is a slight opportunity for a creak-backlash, but just being in the hands, this does not happen.
Under the cover is a rubber gasket,which protects the insides from water and dust. Under the gasket are two slots for SIM cards (on top of the Mini-SIM, under it Micro-SIM), on the left is a slot for a memory card - up to 32GB and a battery for 4500 mAh.

According to the official video tests - quite successfully.Despite the fact that the glass of the sensor is covered with a film, it is toughened and stubbornly tries to withstand shock and scratches, although it is not intended for hammering nails.
Lock screen

After unlocking, we are met by such an interface

Despite the fact that the phone is running OSAndroid 6.0, and not some third-party shell, it is not possible to install another Launcher, and it’s also possible to change the style of the icons. Labels can be placed on several tabs, each of the subsequent shifts to the right of the main one. empty ones are automatically deleted. The page allows you to save up to 16 labels (4x4) and a fixed bottom row of four labels.
The resolution of the IPS matrix is ​​1280 × 720 (HD) -which is quite enough. The colors are bright, the viewing angles are quite large due to the fact that the glass of the wheelbarrow is close enough to the matrix. With maximum (not necessary) backlighting, it shows itself well in the sun, at a minimum it is pleasant to read in the dark for the eyes. The light sensor is working properly. Although I prefer to set the illumination manually, the benefit is enough to open the top menu, and I go mostly at a minimum, sometimes, increasing by about 20% on the street is enough.

Another interesting feature of this particularThe phone is a floating on-screen circle with quick access to reading (the screen is always on) and games (locking the back button so as not to accidentally interrupt the game), music, videos in the form of a window on the main screen, clearing memory, recognizing gestures and locking the screen. When collapsed, it looks like a center point and can be removed.

When using the phone does not slow down from the wordat all, some say that it slows down if you quickly scroll through the text in the browser, but IMHO this is not the most important task, and I myself somehow didn’t notice it much.
Games on it go fine, without brakes. I tried to play WoT Blitz - it loads a lot, but it doesn’t slow down during gameplay, although honestly playing tanks on the phone is not very convenient, perhaps due to the severity and size of the bead frames. When playing on the phone for a long time, the phone heats up a bit (especially the metal cover on the back cover), but not much and this does not significantly affect the performance)
Camera: 13MP primary camera shootswith full resolution with a 4: 3 aspect ratio, and with the more familiar 16: 9, it decreases to 9.5 megapixels. An interpolation mode is also available when the camera shoots with a resolution of 16 megapixels.
The application turns on quickly, shooting also occurs without delay.
The quality of the photos is normal, but the colors on themoften paler than in reality. Autofocus In good lighting, it comes down quickly and clearly, but sometimes it infuriates when you are already focused and are about to press the shutter as it starts to sharpen. You can also focus on tapu. True, when photographing something luminous in poor lighting, difficulties arise in catching the focus, however, this is the case with any soap box or phone.
The shooting modes are standard ("Night", "Landscape", etc.), plus the application gives a couple of effects: HDR and portrait enhancement. In the settings you can choose the size of the picture, set the timer and other key points.
Examples of photos on the link to Google Photo, therethe quality does not change. All photos were taken in 16 megapixel resolution (default), the sharpness is average. The average photo size is 4-6MB at a resolution of 3456x4608. Refuses to download here for this, see the Google photos in the album.
There is a built-in photo editor

The camera shoots video with a resolution of up to 1080p. Shooting starts one second after switching modes.
The front 5 MP camera has several portrait modes and generally shoots normally.
Pros and Cons: The pros can definitely be attributedgood camera, screen, high performance and a little heat in games. Normal, non-buggy touchpad, supporting five touches, scratch and shock-resistant glass, a fairly rich set.
Also, in my opinion, the pluses includeunusual design, although in the comments under all the reviews, people actively expressed their phraseological unit regarding appearance. For me, it’s better than endless soap-like glossy clones. And even if you don’t change your appearance every day, the very choice is already interesting.
OTG support - connecting a player with a cardmemory allows you to access both the player's memory (Sansa Clip +) and the memory card. The capacious battery (4500 mAh) also allows you to recharge other devices. It feels like the battery lasts quite a long time, at least longer than 3.2 "texet at minimum brightness (it had 2000mAh). On average, it will last for three days with active use. Despite the off-road design, it is completely protected by IP67 standard. Support for fast charging (power supply 5V, 2A). Well heard interlocutors.
Cons, where without them.
The biggest disadvantage of this smartphone isquiet conversational microphone (or / and its poor location) - most of the interlocutors complain about being heard quietly and deafly, sometimes you have to talk very loudly. A headset is not provided for this phone. There is only an output for headphones, 3.5 jack, but due to the fact that the connector is under the plug, not all headphones are suitable (plug shell thickness is not more than 6-7 mm). USB is also under the plug, deep and it looks like the cord is not standard.
After removing the battery or turning it offphone - does not save language settings (tries to switch to the language of the network operator), and after removing the battery, it also takes time. The pre-installed Bagan keyboard does not have a space bar, and many leave negative reviews about it. A poor topic, the impossibility of a radical change in the design of the shell. Problems with the update - even for those who viewed this phone on YouTube, one of three saw the update (mine still does not see it). For metal parts you have to pay with weight and strongly protruding sides, which is sometimes not convenient.
In general, I like the phone and, to be honest,overpaid money - for the novelty and doubtfully necessary opportunity to change the appearance, I'm not sorry. The phone as a whole is exactly the way I imagined it. Thank you for watching.