Rearview mirror with navigator + wireless rearview camera. But does it make sense?

I will try to tell my difficult story of the acquisition of goods.
I wanted to make a baht gift. And how to surprise him? I’ve been looking at the navigator for a long time,
but the standard navigator thing is not very interesting and complicated, and so, by chance this kit caught my eye. On the website, aliexpress from this seller made an order. Not a month passed and the long-awaited box came.
UPD. We solve the problem with a non-working navigator.

What we have in this set:
one. The rear-view mirror consists of 2 halves: the mirror itself and the navigator are 4.3 inches in size. The decision is controversial, however. the screen is not hidden behind the mirror, the picture is quite clear even in the sun. The mirror is mounted on the side clips on top of the regular mirror, this design is quite durable and holds well. The visibility of the mirror is good. On the case, we have a USB-mini connector, video input, headphone output, a micro-SD card connector, a power button, a hard resert hole at the back. A stylus is inserted below. 1500mA power adapter.
Russian language and Russian cartra are present.
Bluetooth: 2.1
Screen: 4.3 Inch TFT Touchscreen
Screen Resolution: 480 x 272 pixels
GPS Chip: SiRF Star III
CPU: Media Tek 468MH
ROM (Flash memory): 128MB

2. Rear camera with wireless module. Standard resolution camera, medium quality picture (420 TV lines). There are no particular complaints. It turns on to the reverse lamp, it is activated when reverse gear is engaged. The screen on the navigator turns on in reverse automatically.

Consider the filling of the navigator. Iron navigator does not represent anything special, software - installed win ce 6, navigation software - navitel.

A pleasant bonus is the presence of bluetooth, but notIt’s worth to rejoice early. Software is very moody to a particular phone, which you try to cross with a navigator. Ideally, you will get a speakerphone, dialing through the navigator, the Internet in the navigator (i.e. traffic jams and weather in the navigator should work). But happiness is a relative thing. On some phone models, everything works, on some only parts of ghostly happiness. However, I can confidently say that the speech quality is very decent, i.e. handsfree is quite working. Another added bonus is the FM transmitter in the navigator, i.e. you can cross the navigator with the head unit so that the sound from the handsfree and the navigator can be heard on the standard speakers.
I'll tell you about the biggest fly in the ointment in thisdevice. I can’t say what exactly is to blame, but there was a defect in my copy. The navigator finds satellites only in the open sky, when you try to mount the navigator on a mirror, the signal disappears. The navigator stops working, it is desperately stupid, the measurement error increases sharply and it becomes impossible to use it at all.

Seller strongly refuses to recognizemalfunction, asks to take a photo in different places, find another car, etc. Our showdowns last for a month. I open a dispute on Ali, but I wait another 2 months. When I got sick and did not check the mail for about a week, Ali sends me a message in the dispute and after a few days closes it in favor of the seller.

Finita la comedy. After this, the conversation with the seller naturally makes no sense, he does not even answer.
I begin to understand, open the navigator. It can be seen that the GPS sensor is looking straight into the back of the device, i.e. at that moment when it is on the mirror, the sensor looks into the mirror surface of the regular mirror, and since there is not only a mirror, but also metal ... we understand that there is no way to see satellites there with all desire. The second option is that all the same he will catch something, but there is a very large percentage of marriage of such antennas. I'll try to come up with something.
Add a bonus inside view

UPD: Repair!
All deadlines have passed, the seller went into denial and something needs to be done.
We disassemble the navigator, open the module above the GPS antenna on the reverse side.

We see that the antenna is soldered to the board at a point circled in red.
We solder the place of soldering and at the same time - the upper contact of the antenna.
We assemble, put everything in its place ... Voila ...
Navigator EARNED! Satellites appeared and now they do not disappear when mounted on a lobache.
Happy end!