Rear view mirror with recorder and additional camera

Greetings, redlightgreen readers!
Today we will talk about a convenient stray for a car.
Since before the purchase I didn’t really find a single review on such a mirror, I decided to write a small opus.
Welkam under kat to all interested.
The choice of the registrar began with Ozone (there was a gift certificate for 5000), but after 2 unsuccessful attempts to purchase, it was decided to buy the registrar offline, because dead ozone recorders have been returning for a very long time.
Having scanned the shops of the city, I came across an interesting solution - iconBIT DVR FHD M1, at an attractive price.
But then something jumped in my head, how could I not see what friends of my Chinese scammers could offer me? Apparently, with the depreciation of the ruble, the instinct “look for cheaper on Ali” has become dull.
The choice fell on this device because of the availability4.3 "large screen, lack of Android (they stick ancient iron), and judging by the reviews, good shooting quality. I also decided to buy a second camera as a bonus. (You can also buy an external GPS receiver from the seller).
So, the order is made, the goods are paid. Sending was somewhere after 3 days, with a strange track TS ....... E, which was tracked only on As it turned out later, it was the ets-express courier service, which brought the package to Voronezh right at my doorstep in 13 days. In the morning the courier called and said that I had received a package from China and specified where to deliver it. “This is a service!” I thought. “And bring me straight to work!” Walk like a walk! Where to? Pushkin street, Kolotushkin’s house. ”
And so I received the package without going to the post office.
Although the delivery is courier, they shook the parcel a bit, the box certainly did not wrinkle much, but the corners were jammed. The contents were not affected.
In a fit of excitement, the packaging was torn and thrown away, as well as a protective film, so its photo will not be.
I also will not take photos from all angles, because everything has already been completed and installed. By the way, the seller’s link contains fairly truthful photos that perfectly reflect reality.
Everything is beautifully packed, in a factory box on magnets, the mirror is laid with a little pimple from the walls.
It’s not a shame to present in such a box.

- Mirror
- Remote camera with 2 screws and tape
- Power adapter to the cigarette lighter (1.5 A)
- A cable for connecting to a PC (vintage Mini USB!)
- Cable for connecting the remote camera to the mirror and to the power (2.5 "4-pin jack + wire for connecting additional power)
- Rubber clips for a mirror
- The instruction in English (the seller put as much as 2 pcs)
Characteristics (photo from the instructions):

It is mounted on a regular mirror with rubber ties, it hangs tightly enough, but on strong bumps there can be a chatter and a bounce.
The front camera moves both horizontally and vertically, the stroke is not very large. Those who turn the mirror strongly to the left may not have enough range.
The rear camera has the ability to rotate relative to the mount 360 degrees (you need to untwist the mount near the lens)
the rear camera is waterproof. (At first glance it’s true, everything inside is filled with sealant, I did not check it)
- Loop recording (1, 3, 5 min)
- file protection
- Stamp date, time and speed (with GPS)
- Auto power on and off (timer shutdown)
- Files from different cameras are written to different folders, for protected there is a separate folder
- Motion sensor and G-sensor (they do not work very well, and it’s not required, turned it off)
- LED backlight (not IR, stupid function, disabled)
Mirror tinted, bluish. It can be seen in it much worse than in the regular due to blackout. If the rear windows are tinted, most likely you will not see anything.
The mirror is not panoramic; it is simply larger than usual. On viburnum, it prevents the visors from opening completely.
It looks like this outside

The 1.5 A charger is bulky, but the LED is not bright, you do not need to cover it with electrical tape.
It creates interference on the radio, I will try to hang a ferrite ring, it can help.
Additional Information

Turn on the mirror "into the outlet" on the screena picture with a cool car appears, and we hang around surprised by a very loud speaker. No, of course I understand that a loud speaker is good, but why can’t you turn off these sounds anywhere? Why is the volume not adjusted? When you turn on and off, the mirror emits such triads that not a word to say, nor a keyboard to print. In the comments of the seller, someone wrote that he simply bit off the speaker, I don’t want to disassemble it yet, so I covered it with tape, it seems that it’s not so noisy now.
here it is already neutralized

And so the vaunted diodes shine:
Carefully, you can catch a bunny from brightness!

Naturally, the mirror has all the functions of a registrar, so when you connect the power, recording starts immediately.
All settings are standard for registrars, so I won’t particularly paint.
More details on the video (I can’t use YouTube :)):
Screen average quality, diagonal 4.3 inches. resolution is not indicated, but it feels like 320x240 or a little more. To adjust the picture and parking quality is enough.
here he greets

The second camera.
The camera resolution is 720 × 480 (real may be less), but this is quite enough for parking.
The camera is much more sensitive than the one inmirror, but in poor lighting the image scatters into pixels. When used as a parking, the outlines of objects in the dark are quite clearly visible, there is enough light from the reversing lamps.
Photo of the second camera, already installed

The camera can work as a recorder,and in parking mode. To work in the registrar mode, it is enough to connect it to the corresponding connector. Switching the display modes on the screen is carried out by the button.
- just before
- picture in picture (main front, small rear window)
- only ass
- screen in half
To work in parking mode, I connected the power to the reversing light, what does it give?
- When reverse gear is engaged, the image from the rear camera is automatically displayed in full screen
- Parking markings are applied to the video
- The image starts to be displayed even if the screen was previously extinguished
Extension mov
1 min file size from the front camera 67.5 MB (1080p), 37.5 MB (720p)
Size 1 min file from the rear camera 30 MB
File Properties:
Codec: H264 - MPEG-4 AVC (part 10) (avc1)
Front camera:
Resolution: 1920 × 1090
Frame Rate: 29.674373
Rear camera:
Resolution: 720 × 482
Frame Rate: 24.927775
Codec: MPEG AAC Audio (mp4a)
Sampling frequency: 44100 Hz
links to the originals:
before 1080
before 720
And now about the sad.
those who watched the original video probably noticed that they are of average quality.
Frankly, no Full HD smelled like that. Although the resolution is normal, the picture is interpolated from 720p.
Quality night shooting is also not very happy, the numbers are distinguishable only close by the headlights.
In principle, this quality is enough for me, but I would like to get a refund for cheating, tell me how to prove in a dispute that video is interpolated? Maybe someone had experience, share it!
Thank you all who read to the end!
And for those who suggested how to bend the cunning Chinese, a separate respect and a cat

I returned $ 30 through the dispute, as a result, for $ 38 I am satisfied with the purchase.
Sent sent firmware, hoped this would fix the quality of the video