Aquabox for action camera Xiaomi Yi 4K

Hello. I recently got the Xiaomi Yi 4K action camera. Her equipment is the poorest among outdoor cameras, so I had to order the necessary accessories. Among these things was a protective aquabox. I wanted to check for water resistance under high pressure ... in the toilet.
The parcel flew by China post. Track number was tracked all the way. Bought back in the days of coupons. As a result, he gave a little more than one dollar for boxing.

Inside the aquabox was packed in a bag with air cells. Some reputable stores should adopt the practice of such packaging, because I already flew 2 quadrocopters with defects.

Since many use an action camera for flying quadrocopters, the weight of the protective box is of no small importance. It weighs 64g itself, and with a latch and screw 83g.

There is no glass in the window near the front of the camera lens; this area is made of the same plastic as the rest of the case. Good quality plastic to the touch.

On top is a mechanical button and a latch. The button is pressed tight. You must immediately press it hard, otherwise you will not turn on the camera. In the photo you can see what distance you need to go through the button lever.

There are no obvious gaps on the sides of the box, the gum between the walls does not stick out.

There are 4 pads on the back wall. From this it becomes clear that we are deprived of touch control of the camera through this aquabox. This is not fatal, but suddenly for someone a fundamental moment.
The latch from above in open form looks flimsy, but in fact there are no complaints from the use of it. Already 30 times opened, closed and everything is in order.

I decided to conduct a water resistance testfirst in a small container 11cm deep. Inside the box I put a napkin with a battery and put it in water. Aquabox treacherously surfaced. Then I had to crush him with a puck for 5 minutes. After the time, the cloth remains dry.

Then I decided to put the box with the camera in the toilet,to see how it resists the flow of water under high pressure. If you shove it under a stream of water from a tap, it will turn out only in some local place, but you want to check immediately along the entire circuit. The aquabox test passed, everything was dry inside. After the test, I washed it. Of course, these tests are very arbitrary. It is best to test at least at a depth of 1-2 meters, but with such weather you have to somehow get out.

As always, I add a video review in which you can see the unpacking and both tests.
What can I say about boxing? Would buy it for $ 6 now? Not. There is no way to use the camera through touch control, plus the button is tight and you have to press it hard so that the camera works the first time. It is better to buy another box for $ 10-12. Although maybe someone will do. Inside the camera does not hang, it is fixed well.
Thank you all for your attention.