DVB-S2 receiver for satellite TV Freesat V7 MAX

Hello! I want to tell you about the DVB-S2 Freesat V7 MAX receiver. This receiver was bought to replace the good old Dreambox S500, as a result of the transition of one greedy satellite TV provider to MPEG-4. The network has many reviews of his younger brother Freesat V7 HD, but almost nothing about it.
I've been using it for six months now. Well what can I say, it is worth the money spent on it. The software installed on it is the same as on Freesat V7 HD. It is worth noting the good support for this line of receivers. Once a month on the forum www.freesat.cn/forum/ They post new firmware and there is an active discussion on the operation of this receiver.
People wrote a lot about the constant overheating of FreesatV7 HD, on the Freesat V7 MAX for six months I did not observe this. The only thing that happened was that the wifi adapter included in the kit burned out, stopped seeing the network. But a replacement was quickly found. It is worth noting that the software supports only adapters based on the RT5370 chip. In my case, instead of the bundled adapter, the Tenda W311M adapter was purchased in the DNS store.
Receiver size: 200x127x40
On the rear panel:
3. USB 2 pcs.
4. RS-232 - 1 (for receiver firmware in case of unsuccessful firmware)
5. Tulips Video / Audio (L + R) Coaxial
6. Power + 12V
8. TV-IN
9. Shutdown Key

On the front panel:
1. On / Off Button
2. Channel buttons ±
3. Standby lamp
4. Channel / Standby display shows current time

The kit includes:
1 - Freesat V7 MAX
1 - Remote control
1 - Power supply 12V 1.5 A
1 - HDMI cable
1 - User Guide
1 - USB Wi-Fi Adapter

There were no problems setting up the receiver; the menu contains Russian.

The receiver was taken for sharinga. There are protocols: CCCAM, NEWCAM, MGCAM, as well as Biss keys and others through a softcam.key file.
It is possible to import settings data from a previously prepared file on usb media.
The receiver does an excellent job with HD channels.

There are videos on Yotube, but only in English.
YouPorn plugin opens if you type 5689 in the menu.
The function of sorting channels by favorite lists has been implemented.
By the way, when replacing the firmware, it is possible to save channel lists, favorite lists, satellite settings, network settings and server sharing.
What I especially liked, there is a function for recording and deferred viewing, which is important on channels without ads. Recording is carried out on USB FLASH.
With USB FLASH, you can also view media files.
There is support for 3G modems.
In general, a very successful receiver, whoever said anything there. In terms of functionality, I'm quite happy.
And at the end of the filling of this receiver:

The processor did not work, it was terribly filled with hot-melt radiator.

I apologize for the park incorrectly wrote the memory of only 128MB

Flash 8Mb - 25Q64FVSIG
Good luck to everyone.
P.S.: I still managed to find out on which processor it works
Montage M88CS6001-U Dual-Core SoC with built-in demodulator
Now there is an opportunity to throw firmware from analogues. I will try.