G15-dlp 3D Active Shutter Glasses 96 - 144 Hz for LG / BENQ / ACER /

Hello. Under the cut review of 3D glasses for watching stereo movies from DLP Acer video projectors (I have Acer P1383W). In addition, they are also suitable for LG, BENQ DLP projectors and possibly other brands of projectors with a DLP chip. Glasses were bought online for a simple reason - the lack of such ones on sale in my city, although otherwise I would have bought offline, even if they stood about a half times more expensive so as not to wait a month - that’s how many glasses went to me. Link aliexpress.com/snapshot/6404954860.html

From Wikipedia
Active 3d glasses (with active shutter)
Transfer the image to each eye in turn. 3d glasses with an active shutter use liquid crystals as lenses, which are capable of alternately closing and opening the left and right eyes under the influence of a control signal at high speed. This allows you to get a 3d effect by transmitting a separate image to each eye. Active 3d glasses are synchronized with a TV or monitor, which is usually realized through the infrared port, less often - mixing the signal with the video stream (HQFS DVD standard).
Used to view photos, movies andcomputer games along with auxiliary equipment for viewing on 3d TVs and 3d monitors for all viewing formats, except anaglyph. Also used to watch 3d movies in cinemas with Xpand technology.
A reliable box with a plastic container protected a rather delicate subject from the peripitiya of mail forwarding.

Included are 2 batteries, a storage bag and a cleaning cloth, which is absolutely superfluous - you get the impression of fingers on the “glass” of glasses even if you don’t touch them.
The arms are made removable. Enter the nests designed for them with a slight effort, but hold on tight.

Batteries of a common type, 100 hours of operation are promised. They are inserted into the cap with a slight click, then the cap slams

The button when turned on lights up red, verydimly and correctly - so as not to interfere in the gloom. In front is a sensor for synchronizing glasses with the projector. In the absence of a 3D signal - glasses automatically turn off after a few seconds
But the glasses are assembled. The shape of the arms allows you to wear a subject on top of your glasses. In discussions about 3D glasses, it is sometimes written that these colored stickers should never be torn off, otherwise the glasses will lose their 3D talent. But this is certainly complete nonsense. These are just the tongues to pull on to remove the protective film that is glued on both sides without touching the glass.

Like this

I don’t know how in other projectors, but in mine it’s enough to file similar
stereo image from any source, and the projector will convert a 3D image clear for glasses

I didn’t have any dances with a tambourine, I just turned it onglasses when playing 3D video and received a stereo image. Unfortunately, it is impossible to convey what you see through the glasses. I can only say that the difference with the TV is palpable. When all the characters are tall with you, it's something. Have to take a word. The first impression is that the glasses are good, high-quality. On this let me round.