Compact phone with good hardware for ridiculous money (IUNI U2)

For people like me who need a smartphone with a bigthe diagonal (I think 5 "+ is large) is not convenient, but I want to have powerful hardware - there is an interesting option. There are sony with the same parameters, but the sony stands like a tank, and here the price is just fantastic, and even for the" brand "- who If you don’t know, then IUNI is Geonee's answer to Xiaomi, Meizu.
So, for 60 presidents we get:
4.7 "1080p IPS matrix (well, 720p would have passed too)
Percent Qualcomm Snapdragon 800
2GB RAM (3 if you pay $ 80)
16GB flash (32 for $ 80)
16 / 4MP cameras
2200mAh battery
Sim - 1 microsyme
I want to note that, as if for its 80 bucks, version 3/32 is a very, very interesting purchase.
So who is interested, you can take advantage.
True, due to my personal hostility to Qualcomm, the option will not work.
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