Copy of Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

Good evening everyone!
Today in my review I will talk about a copycomputer mouse on Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse, which came to me from the trading platform, but do not rush to immediately buy it, but read the article to the end !!!
At first I wanted to buy offline, but the price of the original Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse was biting for me ($ 70), so I decided to take the Chinese copy 5 times cheaper. I found it on the expanses of aliexpress and immediately ordered it. After 40 days, she arrived at me:
I'll tell you a little about work:
1. Powered by 2 AAA (pinky) batteries, using a radio adapter. I just connected the adapter to the computer and Windows 7 myself found and installed the necessary drivers on the mouse, to turn on the mouse you need to “break” it, it quickly syncs with the adapter and everything can work:

2. The front of the mouse is glossy black plastic, the scroll panel is gray glossy plastic, the back of the mouse is covered with matte black silicone, the legs are made of plastic.
Now I will tell all + and - of this copy:
The 1st plus is of course the ergonomic design (Ifif you didn’t scroll (or there was an original mouse), you quickly adapt to it, of course, the mouse is not a gaming one, but it suits perfectly for simple games and for working on a computer or laptop).
The second plus is miniature (that is, it does not take up much space in a laptop bag, it is mainly intended for laptops, dimensions 130mm in length, 60mm in width, and the depth of the front of 14mm):

The third plus is also important - this is a wireless operation.
The 4th plus is the price, 5-6 times cheaper than the original.
1st minus insignificant: there is no Microsoft logo, like the original mouse:

The 2nd minus is also insignificant: in the original mouse, the sensor glows blue, in the copy it appears red, and when the mouse is turned on, the power indicator does not light (should light up green):

3rd minus: the touch panel instead of scrolling is very inconvenient, because there are several functions in comparison with the original, namely: scrolling vibration does not work, the fast rewind function does not work (that is, when you double-click on the sensor it should go to the beginning or to the end of the document, it does not work here), the double-click middle function does not work touch panel (that is, a function identical to pressing scroll, in browsers, is very useful for me).
For those who prefer to watch rather than read, I attach a video version of the review. I shot the video because some points can only be clearly demonstrated:
Comparing all the pros, cons and just terrible glitches and freezes, I had to abandon this mouse and use the old computer mouse ((((((