Keychain housing StarLine B92 Dialog

I’ll start my first review with something simpler, so that they kick less
3.5 years ago it was acquired and installed onAuto original alarm StarLine B92 Dialog, which still works successfully. But here the native keychain during this time prettyly rubbed and cracked the glass (he was to blame). Well, I decided to fix this matter somehow.
Buying a keychain assembly - there is no guarantee that it will be normally registered, and there is no point in this - it is easier to change the case.
The case got pretty quickly (in 21 days) in a standard soft yellow packet with a little bubble. It’s even a little strange that the insides were not crushed along the road.
Who cares - track number

So, the native keychain was disassembled and a comparison was made with the one sent, on the left - the original.

Glass has already been glued into the body
Then he moved the insides to the new building
When disassembling, do not forget to unscrew one small self-tapping screw under the battery.

And in the end it turned out somehow like this
Appearance from the original is practically no different

In a protective case (not native) it looks like this

The quality of the goods is naturally slightly inferior to the original, however, there were no difficulties and assembly problems and everything worked fine - you can take it.
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