Floveme magnetic phone holder in the car: buy a holder for a smartphone in the car, or listen to reviews about the dangers

Hello! It is no secret that Floveme began to actively lure the Russian buyer. My review is part of this product expansion, however I will be objective. In short: good product, you can take. So p. 18. Go!
At the moment, anyone can get the goods under item 18 for review. More information can be found in the official group. Floveme on VK
I have been looking for such a magnetic holder for a long time,but hesitated to buy, and not because offline it costs from 450 rubles, but because the effectiveness of such a design was doubtful. So when Floveme asked me to talk about this thing, I immediately agreed.
Delivery is fast enough, in my case it is only 18 days from Hong Kong to Taganrog.
The entire holder is a base with a magnet and a counterpart in the form of a metal disk.

The base with the magnet is made well, on the other hand, it is difficult to imagine how poorly it can be done. Nevertheless, everything is assembled well, nothing falls apart and does not play.
The magnet turned out to be more powerful than I thought, even if the metal disk is glued under the bumper, it will fulfill its task. The magnet is closed with an elastic band with a logo. The gum collects dust well.
The same rubber band closes the main mounting part of the holder itself.
For some time now I became the proud owner of a digital caliper (maybe I’ll even write a 100,500 review on this device), so for fans of metrics under the spoiler.
When size matters

The counterpart in the form of a metal disk is made satisfactorily. Adhesive tape on the back - 3M 9448A.On Ali, you can find such discs separately and of higher quality. We glue the “hero” at his workplace.

A magnet on the ventilation grill
The logo turned upside down because the pairsThe “paws” of the magnet are different: two paws with a narrow gap and two with a gap slightly wider. This is the price of universal mounting, apparently the grilles are not all the same. He sits firmly, does not hang out. We magnetize the smartphone into place.
Unfortunately, the bracket does not have the ability to change the angle of its position, for this there are other models of mounts. Nevertheless, it performs its task well.