Radio with USB for Ford Focus

This topic will be of interest to a small circle of people, namely Ford Focus owners, and those who want to listen to music via usb or aux.
Briefly, why is all this:
In the native radio 6000cd from ford there is no supportmp3 and there is no usb output, since I had no desire to carry a ton of disks with me, I began to think about changing the radio, I considered many options for 2din radio, but I came across this forum topic fordovodov, there people wrote aboutthat they delivered a 6000cd radio tape recorder for the Asian market with support for usb and mp3, reading for a long time and trying to strangle a toad that didn’t give up for a long time, but still turned out to be weaker than the desire to listen to music from a flash drive, I ventured to order it from aliexpress, the seller had a small rating, and only 3 orders of this radio, but I was worried in vain.
This radio was not in the store where I bought, but found the same. In addition to the radio tape recorder, you need to purchase another such thing otherwise the idea will not burn out. What is it for? See next
The package went about 40 days, and came by PONY EXPRESS. The seller gave me a new kind of trackcode, namely CKY0145152. Later I found out that you can check the code on such a site
But back to our sheep. The radio came in this package:
Packing Photos

Actually, the radio itself from the "native" differs only in the presence of a USB output and a slightly different front panel:
Front panel back

After inspecting the radio for damage, I decided to install it immediately:

The playback quality and volume are one level higher than that of the native radio, which is why I don’t know, maybe for China they were assembled on other components.
All installation work, taking into account the removal of the radio, took about 10 minutes, and now the pros and cons:
- Support for usb and aux
- Support mp3
- Better music sound quality
- Need to additionally buy usb output
- The native radio tape recorder is black (almost), and the new silver one, as I understand it, finding a radio with a black front panel and usb is a whole problem, so let it be better.
I advise Focus owners with a square frame and green instrument lighting to read the topic at the beginning of the review, there will be answers to many questions.
PS. This is my first review, and I honestly tried to write it without errors, but if you found them, please tell me in PM.