Machine Niva DPS

Good day, dear redlightgreen readers!
Overview of toy cars Niva DPS.
I ordered a two-year-old son, he likes cars with flashing lights and a siren, he always pays attention to the street.
Package and track

Dimensions match description. Made of non-magnetic alloy wheels with rubber tires. It seems to be pulling on a scale of 1:28.

From all sides:

Lights are on:

The inscriptions were made even before the Medvedev reform.

You can see the place where the batteries were installed (included) and their type.

Two doors and a hood open, while a 2-tone siren beeps and LEDs are lit: two in front and behind and on a flasher.

The steering wheel is similar, but of course it does not spin.

The machine is quite weighty. The truth here is already without a front bumper - DPS got into an accident.


Inertial “engine”, batteries, speaker, control board and five LEDs - all the stuffing.
Pros: Durable compared to plastic cars that lose doors on the first day, not a bumper.
There was no smell.
The child liked it.
Minus: The price of course is biting.
Thanks for attention. Rejoice children more often))