Mini computer Partaker B11 i7 6600U Skylake 3.1 GHz (Turbo boost)

Hello. 11.11 I bought miniPC on Aliexpress, I took a chance, so to speak.
Long chose. I chose the most top-end model, in which there was a price / quality / result ratio. There is an even cooler model. But the price is generally not adequate.
So I settled on the Partaker B11 i7 6500 / 6600U
I bought an empty miniPC, without memory and disk. Included is a bad SSD. And memory comes out more expensive. I bought everything separately. I bought an SSD for 240 gig. + 2 * 4GB memory.
SSD + memory

Connected it all to miniPC. And so beautiful box turned out here.
Additional Information

The whole thing came in such packaging and such a box
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Arrived very quickly 10 days somewhere. Delivery from the seller is very fast is the default.
Included was:
1. A disk with something. Apparently the driver. I have nowhere to shove it, so it lies.
2. A power wire, as from a refrigerator, or a kettle. (For special I write (this is humor))
3. Power supply like a laptop 12V 5A
4. The miniPC itself
5. And there was some kind of piece of paper, but I’ve done it somewhere
6. Ah yes, the most necessary thing is a stand under it. Comfortable and good.
General view of 5. Completely made of iron, apparently aluminum. (For special I write (this is humor)) Black color.
At the top, right and left, stiffeners are either for beauty, or for good heat dissipation through the body itself.
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Bottom we have 4 rubber legs, confidently holdit on the table and a bunch of holes for heat dissipation (for special I write (this is humor)) + 2 places for mounting SSD disks or HDDs. + from below we have access to the insides of miniPC itself.
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On the front panel we see the following ports:
1. Power Button
2. USB2.0
3. SD card reader (I wrote from a flash drive at 20MB / s, a flash drive of class 10 was)
On the rear panel we see the following ports:
1. 2 WI-FI antennas of 150 megabits each, as the seller writes.
2. Microphone
3. Sound port (The manufacturer writes that there is a sound card ALC662 sound chip, 6-channel
4. 4 USB3.0
5. DP port (In the comments they wrote that 1.2)
6. HDMI port. Which port is 1.3 or 1.4 or which one, the manufacturer has not written anywhere. But the sound and video transmits. (In the comments they wrote that 1.4)
Now open and see what's inside.
Additional Information

We see such details:
1.2 slots for memory (Careful with memory, only works with Samsung DDR3L memory
2.1 slot for MSATA SSD
3. 1 slot for WIFI MSATA (Be careful with the port, ask the seller for the name of the additional part, does it support it or not.)
4. 2 sata3 ports
5. 1 power supply (yes, there’s such garbage, the Sata port 2 and the power supply 1. So, to turn on 2 additional drives, you probably need to buy a branching cable so that there is separation from one power supply to 2, or if you can power it with USB)
6. (what are they called there?) 3 pins? 3 ports? In short, at the place where you can stick the little pimples, (for special I write (this is humor)) to connect USB or something else.
7. We see the card reader and wires to it.
8. We see the main board with a bunch of squares and sticks:)))) (for special I write (this is humor))
9. Vidyuhu Graphics 520. They, on the other hand, are built into the percent, but it is there.
Now we connect all this to the monitors / TV. And run.
I bought miniPC data without Windows. The manufacturer writes that it supports Win8 and more.
I installed Win7. I’ll say right away. Just so you put her figs. At the final step, you will need to specify what will be the login and password of the admin to enter. And at this moment, the keyboard and mouse do not work. And any USB is also not active. Apparently the manufacturer of nit and decided to break it off. BUT.
We are already a broken people and have not circumvented this. In order to install Win7, you need to do it in auto-install mode. Then the system takes this step for you. After login problems you will not have.
So. By conjured. And they launched Win7.
What we see that stands in MiniPC
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Now let's run the tests.
3dmark Test - Test Link , all by default. (more details in the video)
As a result, issued: 53 688
On average, there were from 100 to 300 FPS.
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SSD test, issued: 560/400
Additional Information

Enough of the tests.
Now games:
GTA5 from 20 to 35-40 FPS (more in the video)
Additional Information

CS: GO 45-65FPS (more in the video)
Additional Information

Planetbase 26-32 FPS (more in the video)
Additional Information

Case temperature during the game, rises to65 degrees, but it is tangible, but not critical. Since miniPC has no coolers and the like, the noise level is 0. If you attach a cooler, I think the temperature can be lowered to 50 wherever, but then there will be noise.
Work with programs:
Running Word / Excel / Photoshop / SONY Vegas Pro / Adobe Premiere Pro, almost instantly. (more details in the video)
YouTube = FullHD 30-60FPS to the lung. The manufacturer writes about 4K support. Yes, there is such an option, turned it on, it works, but it’s not interesting for me, so I don’t use it.
All ordinary videos start with a bang that HD, that FULLHD, that 2K, that 4K. Bitrate more than 30k on FULLHD did not try, and not so much.
WIFI Provides the maximum that the Internet gives me, that is, almost 100Mbps (there were 95/95)
When connecting to miniPC to Wi-fi, we see a connection speed of 117Mbps. but I can’t do it anymore.
Additional Information

This miniPC completely replaced my main PC. Since I don’t particularly play games, it’s perfect for me.
Pros: +
1. Good speed in Windows environment
2. Good performance in games until 2015 in minimal or medium settings.
3. Weight is only 1.8kg
4. Noise = 0
5. Fast wifi
6. Great design.
7. The temperature in normal operation is 35-45 degrees. (A little warm)
8. Ease of access to miniPC.
Minuses: -
1. Hemorrhoid installation of Win7. Others wrote in product reviews that everything larger than Win7 is set up normally.
2. The temperature in games is about 60-65 degrees. (Noticeably hot)
3. Work only with a specific memory. (but it’s branded and good, but still)
4. When buying additional parts, you need to consult with the seller or manufacturer if he supports this part. (sellers willingly answer, and they usually have a whole list)
Add. Info. + all tests live + games + show this in detail, you can watch the video.