Mini DVR on chipset Ambarella A2S60

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This is the first thing I ordered on aliexpress. And this review is also my first. Frankly, it was a little scary. But the numerous experience of friends and reading this site has done its dirty deed
I needed a DVR. As always, I wanted everything at once! And so that with GPS and with 2 cameras, and that would be in Full HD, and so compact, but at the same time it turns ...
In general, I soon realized that this does not happen. According to reviews from the same site ( I found an interesting option. Mini recorder based on A2 chipset.
Of the benefits:
1. Compact. Poorly visible from the street, even when not removed.
2. Have GPS
3. Ambarella chipset
Of the minuses:
1. It is impossible to turn.
2. Later, when the regik came, the poor quality of the recorded sound, which is not critical for me. I write the sound separately and if it is necessary at all
The first plus was especially important afterpurchases. From the New Year, the police again took up something for the registrar owners, saying that this device interferes with the review, the accident rate increases ... nonsense of course, but its compact size, subsequently allowed me to place it behind the rearview mirror, is almost not noticeable to others and does not interfere at all overview from the driver's seat! But first things first.
It's good that I started reading reviews, I realized that Ambarella is beyond competition ... but with what chipset to take, there were questions. A2 or A7?
After reviewing a bunch of videos, I decided for myself that ifA7 and better, it is clearly not at times. But the registrar in the same wrapper but with the A7 chipset is almost 2 times more expensive. In general, I realized that I definitely do not want to pay more.
He took it on November 11th. There were ala wild discounts, then I realized that most of them are advertising lure. But still, it was this recorder with GPS and 8 GB of internal memory that was cheaper than it was at the time of writing the review. Something about 70 dollars I gave for it. It is unfortunate that the ruble sank, and 70 tons of dollars now is not the same as 70 tons of dollars half a year ago. But alas, in Russia there are not so many analogues. And in my case, in Kazakhstan, such a device generally costs from $ 200. Saving on the face!
In general, I ordered! I ordered a bunch of everything right away, and the registrar came in very first. I came from Hong Kong, about 3 weeks old. Perhaps this is due to the fact that I ordered an anti-slip rug in the same store, it itself cost a penny, but there was a paid delivery.
I did not communicate with the seller. He left a review after receiving and the test, the seller did not put a rating for me
The parcel arrived almost without damage. Double box. The first one was slightly dented; the second, with the registrar himself, was intact.
Box photo

In the kit was a power supply (2 Amps), base (it is also a GPS antenna). Wires to connect to a computer.
In a video review I tried to compare it with myold regik, but unsuccessfully. By the way, although the old region is bigger, but in fact E-prance 0801 writes no worse, but somewhere it's even better! True, then I reshooted the old region, and it was equal in quality of recording. Later, sticking it to the 2nd scotch tape (it is included in the kit on the base itself, which, in combination with the GPS receiver, and separately another 1 piece in the box) began to master the novelty.
Dimensions outside the box.

I mastered the first time without a flash drive. 8GB of internal memory, if you do not roll all day, is usually enough, even at maximum quality! By the way, a 5-minute clip on average weighs 400 megabytes. Later, I already connected a micro SD card with 16 or 32 gigabytes (I don’t remember, it works wonderfully!) 4th class. I was afraid that the class would be weak, but no, everything is ok! The manufacturer claims support for up to 64 gigs. I haven’t tried, I don’t know. Even 32 is enough for almost 24 hours of recording.
The instructions say that from a flash drive hotYou can merge a roller into the internal memory of the region, for every fireman, and vice versa. I did not use the function. Alas, there was an unpleasant incident, the collective farmer sacked me during the rebuilding (he was rebuilding, I just drove straight
Clipping that video

Then I went out with the region, I filmed everything in a circle, andThen he simply removed the USB flash drive, and the regik returned it to its place so that he would write to the built memory. Although the built-in memory itself is controversial. In general, you can not overpay for it, because there are options to choose from, and that's all in this lot!
Mastering at first did not work out ... it turns outthe registrar needs a power supply with 2 amps! And I had old wires and a 1 amp power supply. In fact, if there is at least 1.5, it simply will not turn on! So I had to take my own power supply, and stretch out new wires. By the way, as I threw them, too, the video below. This is not a significant minus.
Interestingly, with 1.5 amperes, even the charge does not go, which is strange. If turned on, it works, but on battery power. The power supply just ignores!
The GPS base is a holder. It is convenient to connect and remove the recorder from it. Like on rails. He keeps it well. In my car it can be seen from the street, albeit not much, but it can be seen! But the car is sports, low with a sloping glass.
Photo regika, my car, outside view

View from the driver's seat

A friend (about him below) in the chord, he is installed below the rearview mirror, in fact from the cabin is not visible at all! Not visible from the street either! Unless if you know for sure that he is there and take a closer look.
GPS catches very fast. Started up, 30 seconds maximum delay and everything shows both speed and coordinates. GPS logs are written in a separate folder. But there is one thing but! I live in Kazakhstan, there is a 4 hour drive to China, if not in a hurry. Perhaps in Western Russia GPS will not catch! Probably need to check with the seller. Some users of regions with GPS and Chinese smartphones have complained about this flaw.
On the recorder in the internal memory there is a nativeplayer. Although the video opens without problems, the native player, if there is an Internet connection, takes google maps, and shows your position in accordance with the logs. An interesting feature, but did not use. But maybe someone will come in handy to spy on a spouse.
The battery can not be big, I did without dismemberment. Fully charged allows you to write about half an hour.
You need to get used to the menu. There are no instructions in Russian, knowledge of English is desirable, or by typing in the menu, find languages ​​and translate the region into Russian. I did not bother, I know English.
But mastering the buttons, and there are only 3 of them, and which one marks the record as emergency, which one takes photos, etc. ... this requires skill and accurate knowledge of where to reap. No instructions, alas ...
To enter the menu, you need to hold down the top button and wait for 3 seconds.
During the development, I found a video with the face of the Chinese. Before sending, they check the goods for performance.
They wrote that the region is very hot. I didn’t notice. Perhaps in the summer it will warm up, but I have it a little warm even after several hours of work.
Well, now the most important thing. This regik liked my friend. He ordered it through me, he went to him after the new year, a little longer, about a month. But he came and a friend uses it. Before that, I took a cheap region here. So not only did he shoot with disgusting quality, he soon broke down!
We connected a regik to him in 5 minutes. They also stuck below the mirror, but he, as I wrote above, is not visible at all. They threw wires under decorative plastic and the ceiling. Probably still rides. And more than a month has passed! Although for good you need to do everything wisely, pulling out a separate outlet
As here

Or disassemble the power supply, and connect the wires through the fuse to a straight line to it. On a straight line to board. Networks cannot be connected! 12 volts of power instead of 5 laid by USB ... and hello to the registrar.
In general, I am very pleased with the product. Otherwise, I would not have ordered a 2nd regik for my friend. Everything went well. And delivered quickly, and many of my Wishlist were simply superfluous initially.
In general, there will be questions, write in the comments. Because This is my first review, I’m rewriting it for the 5th time. Thanks for your comments and advice.
Kote, by tradition, is at the end of the video. Although it is already clear that I am not a Chinese who is rating his store.
Link to the lot. Attention, the reference link!

And the last one. I don’t have coupons. But the seller himself often holds promotions for this product, giving it at a discount. If it’s off, add it to the basket and wait for the discount. Good luck