Minicomputer MeegoPad T05 on Intel Atom Z3735F 2GB DDR3L 32GB eMMC (active cooling)

Recently came such an option mini PC, below are a few details: what it is, and its relevance
Link in the header to another seller (for a number of reasons) - I think this is unprincipled
This purchase was “problematic”, butthe situation was quick and EASY “resolved” in my favor thanks to the normal support of the store, after which the computer described below got me essentially “free”;).
Well, now, actually to the object of review (and what was wrong with it)
A little description from the manufacturer ...
"Equipped with an Intel Atom processor Z3735F andWith Intel HD Graphic GPUs, the Meegopad T05 Mini PC provides you with a great opportunity to have fun with your family and friends. It can also be used with office software to create a mobile work environment. "The ultra small case with powerful features gives you an excellent combination."

The stated characteristics:

Where did the idea of ​​acquiring such a baby come from? At work, at my workplace, there is an AWP for server management and control with specific specialized software with its own local network. I really didn’t want to connect an external Internet to this network, but I had enough free time (for “studying” news and other “extremely necessary” information, viewing all kinds of nonsense), and “for work” we often need a computer - draw a diagram or create a document, find specification.
I did not want to clutter up the space, andthe supervisory presence of an “extraneous” computer would not be approved by the authorities. And here it’s completely “baby”, plus you can drag it in your pocket if necessary and turn it on in almost any convenient place - you only need a TV or monitor with HDMI or DVI, although it works (checked) through a regular VGA, it’s enough to have the appropriate adapter.
I have come across Atoms more than once, including the Z3735F variety, in fact, he should have arranged me for MY purposes with his work.
I chose a mini computer with active cooling (and it is stated here), it was supposed to be used mainly through DVI, which is why a separate audio output was needed (music, movie, skype)

Of course, I wanted 4 GB of memory (for one of my programs, a 64-bit system is desirable), but taking into account the 20% discount on the coupon (it was posted on the product page), the choice was made in favor of this model.
For less than 4 thousand rubles, I got a completely self-sufficient mobile computer on Windows 10 - for me it’s such a very good option!
Arrived mini PC looked like this:

In a modest set, the USB cable is microUSB, a 2А PSU and an adapter for our outlets (it would be better, of course, to put our standard BP right away :),

there is an instruction in English, quite acceptable for acquaintance ...

The power supply, by the way, is generally standard, on 2A ... so it can be completely replaced (if necessary) with another one with a normal plug.

Replacement is necessary for exactly 2A or more, because In normal operation, the PC manages (for me) to even work from the built-in USB hub on the monitor, the current consumption is approximately

But if you load it ... on LinX I have it almostconsumed up to 1.5A - provided that LinX only loads percent. BUT there may be a situation of simultaneous loading on the video, then I suspect the current may even increase to 2A ...

Of course, I got excited about the power from the USB monitor (or TV) - in this form, you can only test the performance, the likelihood of a “crash” is too high!
The comp is really very compact - even somehowunusual for a user who came from the era of XT and 286 with heavy metal cases and popping drives
vs - as they say, feel the difference (I once spent a lot of time studying like that - oh!

Connectors ...

a fan mesh is visible under the grill ... the casing is pleasantly tactile, rubberized soft touch layer.

Dimensions and weight

The "toy" turned out to be good, but we must keep in mind- in many cases, adapters (of various kinds) may be needed - this must be "on the mind" when buying, and immediately "take care" of the purchase of necessary ones. For some reason, the manufacturer did not bother to put at least the most popular ones in the kit.
Here is the first example - on many TVs you cannot (without an adapter) use this mini PC - it will not fit in the HDMI connector
Of the three TVs I use, I can’t stick one on one, the second with difficulty (with a chance to break the connector), and only the third is great!

After connecting the PC, it worked without problems -Win10 preinstallation started (by the way, in Russian). Everything worked quite correctly and in the process (I don’t know when even) the “home” version was activated »
On the screen, the output is slightly "cropped" around the edges -it is necessary to select the aspect ratio on the TV settings (disable scaling if the memory does not change), by the way on some TVs there is even a special fad for using external devices such as PCs.

At the initial connection, I usedClaudia and the BT mouse - in principle, everything was picked up normally, but I have a two-standard mouse, first I had to connect it via USB to the dongle to select and find the keyboard, and then the mouse itself in the BT menu.
In principle, the OS comes with a preinstalled programto control the computer from a smartphone - and it even works, but I have not experienced much comfort at work - this is the case, in extreme cases - to ensure mobility

The computer started working right away ... and quite silently ... actually this turned out to be a problem to some extent - then a little bit about the “sad”.
With the advent of the Internet, PC (quite naturally) began to “be updated”, and with such intensity that it even “crippled” sometimes — the reason later became clear.
I'm not sure if I came across this, or is it a jamb of the party, but the fan of my copy did not turn on when the processor was heated even above 85 degrees, just the percent went to throttling

Knowing the store’s policy on working with customers, I quickly cooked up a video of the incorrect operation of the cooling system and provided it in support.
Video provided to the store

Soon the answer came "... there is probably a factory defect." Support specified whether a full refund would suit me. for a number of reasons it will not be able to send another serviceable one.
I agreed to return, after which I boldly climbed into the inside of the computer “deeper”.
In fact, this is a standard T02, on which an active cooling system is installed. CPU-Z, by the way, determines the board.

Wi-Fi Antenna

Initially, the idea was to attach passive cooling over the entire surface, but decided, if there is active, use it :).
First checked the system fancooling, he turned out to be a worker. It starts from about 3c and above. I’m not sure how he intended to work with the manufacturer (smart mode or always the same speed), but decided that he wouldn’t be worse if he connected it to USB contacts, this place is also the most convenient for soldering. It turned out something like this:

The cooler “satisfied” immediately made a noise
The temperature, in principle, is already BEFORE the alterationcooling (with an open case) returned to normal (after disabling updates) - in throttling percent, the stress was driven by tests. In fact, below the screenshots on the computer out of the box (there are opportunities to slightly increase performance), but with a connected fan.

Work with the archive




As you can see, the temperature is reasonably maintained even under stress.
Properties of the system

450 MB reserved for system recovery


To summarize, the purchase (and in fact"Gift" from the store) very satisfied. REALLY does not slow down and works very smartly. Wi-Fi and so on without complaints (I can’t do a normal metering due to using only a 4G router) - but for me it turns out the expected speed of work and downloading from torrents.
I haven’t tested toys (and I won’t) - it won’t be any different from most similar systems, there are plenty of tests on the network.
I’ve been using it for a month, there were no flights. I supplemented it with something (I will describe it later in reviews) - even now I am writing from it!
Of the pluses - the manufacturer has relatively good support and a forum. Many new products will not be able to boast of this.
MeegoPad T02 is already a proven "horse", and it is he, with some improvements.
UNIVERSALLY I can recommend it for purchase, especially if you buy it in the "right" store
My workplace

ZYZH UPD - probably MANY specific questions can be found on the manufacturer's forum, there are also image files and bios