MiTV2-40 Excellent LED panel at a great price.

Hello everyone and happy new year.Once connecting my old LG40 "TV to the computer, it turned out that HDMI was knocked out, my sadness was not long, but when it turned on youtube that this TV model was not supported, I threw a stone at it and decided it was time to change the TV. The main selection criterion was the presence of SMART, andalso at least 40 "so that it doesn’t change the price of a wander. Having wandered off-shops, I realized that I would have to upload at least 30k for a 40" panel with smart functionality, I decided to look at Chinese store platforms. Just a couple of clicks led me to the watched TV model. A pleasant bonus was the presence of the MALL prefix (warehouse in Russia - delivery 1-5 days)
Well, I think I’ll make a present for myself on NG. You look at V.V. Putin and I will watch on the new TV. It is said that this is done. The order was placed 12/26/2016 arrived 12/30/2016
How was the package

The service was delivered by Ponyexpress. The package arrived, covered in a black bag and that’s all. But everything is safe and sound.
The biggest box from Xiaomi that I received

Inside we have a box with a remote control and dopa, legs and the TV itself.
Inside the box

What I liked is that even a screwdriver was put and there are 1 more screws (5 pcs.)
Uncover and put on legs.

First start

Naturally, everything is in great Chinese (but we will cure this in the future).

And this is the interface itself (already cured)

Let's talk a bit about what this TV can do.
Our modest sizes


Connector View

As for my opinion on the TV: it beats its price at 100%.
SMART availability,
lightweight (9.79kg)
good juicy image.
Lack of 3D,
The lack of Russian out of the box (but with fights and with dances with a bumbom all the same, I put Rus, the methods of Russification here on )
Bad analog TV decoder (but I don’t watch it, I bought it for IPTV)
I’m all, do not kick much, I’m never a writer, I wrote a review for the first time.
P.S. asked for tests CPU-Z spread.