Waiting for stuffed plush toy: homunculus loxodontus photo and aliexpress price overview

Hello. I bring to your attention a small review of a soft toy about meme Zhduna, who had exploded at one time.
And the joke will still be relevant for those who are still sitting and waiting for their order.
A little background
The idea of ​​ordering a toy from the Middle Kingdom was born during the celebration of Aliexpress's birthday. At that time, only three sellers sold this toy. Because there were no reviews from the orders of this toy, then I sent a message to each seller to find out whether the toy really like the one in the photo and the size corresponds to reality. As a result, each seller replied that the photos are real in the description and everything is as described. The time until the end of the promotion was coming to an end, there was still a fear in my head that all the same it was not worth taking this toy, But in the end, the collected coupons, which gave a small discount on the purchase, took their toll. And the order was completed.
I immediately bought 2 Zhduna. One is 25 cm high, the other is 20 cm.
The toys were tightly packed in a regular bag, so after unpacking it was slightly necessary to straighten and give the form of a seat and to correct the face.

Waiting for No. 1.
The height coincides with the declared 25 cm. The diameter at the base is ~ 17 cm. Cotton is claimed. But in order to check it, you will have to disassemble cut the toy somewhere along the seam. But of course I will not do this. I can only note that the form holds well. The hands of all toys are sewn from the side of the palms. Eyes glued well, do not hang out. The only slight minus if you find fault, in my opinion, this is a small noticeable seam on the head. The rest are no complaints.
And now the photo itself.

And actually I’m waiting for No. 2. Height 20 cm - as stated. The diameter at the base is ~ 12 cm. In quality, as well as 25 cm.
Photo Waiting 20cm

Comparison of toys among themselves

Conclusion. As a result, I was satisfied with the quality of the ordered soft toys. And I’m thinking of ordering a couple more for gifts.