Stainless Steel Door Sill for Mitsubishi Lancer

Good day Muscovites.
I decided by the summer to slightly embellish my car yesand make a little protection from heels (studs) and just from scuffs, thresholds of your car. The car is already in the years of 2008, the Lancer, Lancer, the assembly is still Japanese, but scratches already appear.
On a typewriter from the passenger side, this is what’s going on.

I found it in a search with this seller, but now the cost has already increased slightly to the well-known action "7 years".
They flew fast enough, less than a month.
Well, now to the point, to the mini surveyor.
OL, as usual, played football in a package. PPC thought my overlays, bent, remember, die.

Packaged poorly, this is a huge minus to the seller, withoutadditional protection. The product itself simply lay in the shipping packaging in plain film. After opening, immediately throw it on the balcony to erode for a couple of days ... Awful smell of plastic (rubber) which is glued to the edges of the linings. By the way, they still erode there.
front side:

and on the reverse side:

Image is extruded on metal. It feels and weighs a polished stainless steel (iron), but 100% not aluminum. It looks very decent.
On the reverse side glued double-sided tape 3M. But the amount I think is not enough and will need to be added during installation.
After opening, damage was revealed during transportation:

Contacted the seller, offer a discount on the next order.
And so the overlays on the car look:

The lining profile is curved and follows the threshold

Well, on both doors:

I recommend to purchase:
"+" Apparently looks.
"+" steel, stainless steel, not flimsy aluminum.
"±" Plastic "rubber band" along the edge of the lining.
"-" Can be used as a weapon of mass destruction indoors (must be aired for a couple of days).
"-" Bad packaging, I hope the seller will take note.
The goods were bought at their own expense.
For the place of seals. Winter crept not noticeably. Snow fell over night.