A pump for changing the oil in the motor of a machine. Or just for pumping water and other liquids.

How to change the oil in the car engine?
Go to a car service, spend time and money? .. Not worth it! It’s easier to do everything yourself.
In former times, for this it was necessary to get under the car, unscrew the cork, drain the used black oil, screw the cork and top up with a new, clean one.
Now people began to live better, and on suchfeats are no longer ready. Typically, motorists go to the service station, where all this work takes some time and costs money. Only for removal and installation of crankcase protection in some places they take from 500 to 1000 rubles. In my opinion this is a little expensive.
But I don’t like to climb under a car, and I don’t have my own garage with a pit or a flyover.
The situation with finances is not very good, becauseand the car had to be bought "beggar": a real Korean with Chinese quality. SY New Actyon. I serve, improve, and do everything I can, if possible, myself.
Here, an oil change, for example.
The old washer motor from the VAZ-2108,used for a long time for such work, it’s lost somewhere, but you can’t buy another one already, everywhere there are motors of a new type, black. And the old, white ones were of gear type, they pumped oil well. Hucksters in the car market once again fully demonstrated their inadequacy in everything.
I spat on them, and climbed onto the Internet. on AliExpress.
The motors are right there! All sorts.
At different powers, and different voltages.

Not gear, membrane. But they promise that they are also good for butter.
Checked, ordered. The package arrived quickly, with courier delivery directly home by CDEK. The courier asked when and where it would be convenient to deliver and gave the order directly to his hands.
I will not describe the process of unpacking and the box, all this is perishable. It pisses me off when I read other reviews.
I will say about the equipment. In addition to the pump itself, a solid solid tube 6 mm thick 130 cm long, a soft silicone tube to drain (very smelly! Where does the Chinese get such a stench in their gums? Especially probably the pandas of their pandas are dried, pounded and added ...), meter 8- mm tube and quick coupler adapter. The black tube, which is shown in the photo wound into a skein, was only 10 cm.
I invite you to go to the pictures and a small "dismemberment".

Oil change procedure:
1. We stop the engine.
2. Take out the dipstick to check the oil level, insert the 6 mm tube there until it stops.
3. We substitute a tank for draining used oil into the outlet tube.
4. Turn on the pump (to the battery of the machine).
If the oil is hot, the process is fast. If you do this on a cold engine and oil, then do not cope in an hour.

The author did all this in the country, without rush and fuss, at the same time as with other summer cottages.
PS: The purpose of writing such a review was also the desire to see a discussion of everything in the comments and exchange of views on various issues.
Otherwise, I would write briefly: here is the motor, here are its characteristics, here is the "dismemberment". And that’s it.