A true mechanical keyboard from China? R8 - cheap and not angry.

Good mood to all!
Engaged in the procurement of Chinese goods enoughlong ago, managed to make more than 300 purchases, mainly interested in electronics. The hero of the review is a solid mechanical keyboard for those who know what it is.
Warning! Traffic!
But there was one category of goods for which Ilooked very incredulously - mice and keyboards. And, it would seem, quite a lot of reviews have been done on them, and some seem to be satisfied with the quality, but somehow it’s not worth its money. Well, if only because you can buy the same from a nearby store, getting off with a little blood (the margin of the sellers there and Rostest), but already being sure of the purchased thing.
Yes, and give a guarantee ...
But it’s not good. Unexplored goods! The mess. Curiosity has taken its toll, and my Defender Luna has begun to annoy a little - 4 years already, after all.
But I’m a scrupulous buyer - a simple keyboard will not work for me, I want a golden mechanical one! For good, damn, but expensive.

Are there different keyboards?

The mechanical keyboard owner opensa huge assortment of diverse equipment that he can choose according to his preferences. Any keyboard on the "mechanics" have easily removable keys, perfectly replaced by any other switches.

The ancestor of mechanical keys is considered to be Cherry and their famous Cherry MX keys. There are 4 popular varieties:

  • Cherry MX Black - for gamers, soft and quiet, smooth tap. The clique and the "bump" (recoil) do not have.
  • Cherry MX Red is one of the first progenitors of Black’s. More suitable for gamers, but can be used by ordinary users. Even softer pressing, but sound louder.
  • Cherry MX Brown - more suitable for typing. A dull and soft knock. Pleasant tactile sensations.
  • Cherry MX Blue is the best choice for typists. They have a tactile press and a characteristic click. Nostalgia for typewriters is guaranteed.
  • Cherry MX Clear - very similar to Brown, the main difference is the great resistance of the key.

More on this topic can be found in my blog.

It is clear that the manufacturer categorically refused to use the original Cherry buttons (will be a little expensive) Instead, Cherry MX Clear - White Spring clones are installed on the keyboard. They have all the same technology, but unlike Cherry Clear they force the user to apply another effort - about 50g. It will not be easy to get used to this after the membrane keyboard, but a pleasant “bump” gives the typing process some special sacred meaning, and subsequent transplantation to the good old “membrane” seems impossible. You quickly get used to the good.
The buttons are made of cheap ABS plastic,which is the basis for most keyboards available. However, the keys are quite thick, the coating is matte, it feels like a soft touch (fingers do not slip). Symbols are applied by laser burning without filling (do we want the buttons to glow?).

I need more whistles!

The manufacturer did not pass by fansbells and whistles. The keyboard has an LED backlight with the ability to switch colors: green (poisonous), purple and blue (most likely - the colors of the sea wave, remember the lines in the movie "Tron"). For each color, you can set the backlight intensity (3 modes). There is a “disco” mode - the keyboard starts to smoothly switch all colors in all modes. Brutaline abusers can simply turn off the backlight.

There is a function key FN. With its help, the user uses the predefined commands on the W, Q, Win buttons, as well as the F1-F12 keys (typical office ones: a calculator, browser, player control, etc.) An interesting trick with the combination FN + Win = key lock. Those. at all. And the combination with "W" allows you to reassign WASD and the block with arrows.

The device basically has a steel board, weightabout 1 kg (with the package it turned out 1,300 kg). Additional rubberized legs allow you to use the keyboard on a slippery surface. There is no way to adjust the height. Length 429 mm, width 140 mm, height from the base 35 mm.

Interestingly made the Enter button. In general, one of the reasons to take this particular keyboard was the familiar L-shaped key (like on old keyboards).
The only thing that really upset me was the unexpected absence of an LED substrate at the “0” key (right Insert). Why they cheated him like that is incomprehensible.

Another minus is defective mechanics. More precisely, the mechanism here really corresponds to the concept of “mechanical”, however, the keys along with the pads are “soldered” to the board. Change the user will get only the cover. On the other hand, normal users will not pick the keyboard at all, though ... The taste and color, as they say.
A brief summary.

  • Good quality keys
  • Heavy weight
  • Pleasant tactile sensations
  • Relatively quiet click (vs or. Cherry MX Clear)
  • Nice backlight with color adjustment, intensity and the ability to turn off.
  • The presence of function keys.
  • Classic Enter
  • Affordable price


  • The right Insert was left without backlight. Absolutely.
  • There is no Russian layout.
  • Pulling out the whole button does not work.

In general, I am pleased with the purchase. And although the seller’s description says “imitation of a mechanical keyboard”, by and large it is a full-fledged mechanism similar in tactile sensations to traditional switches, albeit with some nuances.
Moreover, it is foolish at such a price tag to demand something incredibly cool. The device fulfills its price exclusively.
There is no animal, but there is a coupon

Thanks for attention.
UPD1. Added post sound print.
UPD2. Added by Disco mode recording. Blinking at minimum brightness due to the mismatch of the frequency of the diodes and the camera.