Board game “Thin ice”: how to play penguins on an iceberg and where to buy Antarctica?

... she’sDon’t break the ice"(not quite the same, but apparently its progenitor), but onAli is also known as "Icebreaker Save Penguin, Penguin Ice Cubes Save Penguin Knock Ice Block Wall Toy Table Large Family Fun Educational Toys"
After the post “Cool Japanese game“ Don't Drop the Penguin “” was published on the picabu, sales of this game increased sharply. Among those who bought and bought was me.
Igruha was sent 2 days after the order, and she arrived in a record 13 days and was brought to me directly by courier and handed in person.

The box came a little dented, but the contents were not damaged:
Box and packaging

Poured the contents onto the carpet:

1. The playing field
2. 4 legs
3. 38 hexagonal ice floes (19 white and 19 blue), 30 pieces are enough for the game. The remaining 8 are spare

4. Penguin. Something like a wait

5.2 hammers
6. The spinning arrow

7. A rag bag in which all this is placed.

8. The author also put in a box a toy-keychain-labyrinth with a metal ball inside. The thing is completely useless. But, as they say, a gift horse ...
The gameplay comes down, as you already understood, toknocking out the ice from the playing field with hammers in turn. The player after which the penguin falls will lose. You can play a more complex version of the game using the spinning arrow. Depending on the rotation of the arrow, the player will have to knock out either a white ice or blue, or any of his choices, or skip a move.
After several trial games, we came to the conclusionthat everything works and the purchase meets expectations. Some ice, however, break out easier than others. In this regard, the participant may try to knock on different ice floes, trying to choose the one that will fall faster. Sometimes not the ice you knock on falls. Well, this is understandable - this is not a computer game, there are many more factors. The plastic of which the ice is made is quite soft, and they can be slightly bent.
Video gameplay (with a child 5.5 years old):

Total. You can take it. Unfortunately, there is no way to compare with the original version or with a game from an offline store. I think the quality may be slightly inferior. But nevertheless, for the sake of several game evenings, it makes no sense to overpay.
P.S. my seller’s price dropped 12 cents.