Desktop entertainment “Don't Drop the Penguin”: where to buy the game and how to use it correctly

  • Price: With a box $ 8.45, without $ 7.30 (Purchased with a box for $ 8.09)
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Hello everyone, today’s review is a small game,which will appeal to both children and adults. I learned about it on one entertainment site, with a logo in the form of a cupcake. So I recommend everyone interested to go under the cat.
To begin with, I note that this game is available in two sizes, 20 cm and 11 cm, with a side width of 11.5 and 5.6 cm, respectively. I ordered a big one.
Let's start with the date of the order and the delivery time, Payment was made on March 16, 2017, and on April 6, 2017 the parcel could be picked up, but I did it only on 04/15/2017.
For track lovers

Everything arrived in the usual white package of China Post, package size 35x30x11cm.

Inside the bag was a box in shipping packaging.

The box itself has much more modest dimensions (26x24x5.8 cm).

The box arrived slightly rumpled, by itself itstrong enough, bright with high-quality printing. On the front side, the complete game is drawn, a brief instruction is shown on the back, and the contents of the box are listed.

Well, it's time to open the box. and what we see:
1. The playing field

2. Hexagonal blocks of two colors, blue and white, 19 pieces each

3. Four legs

4. Two mallets

5. Turntable with four sections

6. Penguin (which, in fact, will need to be tried to keep from falling)

Let's move on to the essence of the game, it is somewhat reminiscent of a very popular jenga.
So, for a start we collect the field and put the legs, then we hoist the penguin in the middle

then we take the turntable, and rotate the drum, turn the arrow, wait for it to stop, and see if the sector has dropped a prize on the drum, which has fallen, then 4 options are possible:
1. Skip the move
2. We can knock out the sector only white
3. We can knock out a sector of any color
4. We can knock out the sector only blue
Next, take the hammer and knock out the sector, depending on the color that fell out.

We take turns, until the penguin falls from the field. The player whose move the penguin has fallen from the playing field is losing.
You can play without a turntable, simply taking turns knocking sectors.

The game is really fascinating, but there are also minor flaws, for example, sectors are inserted rather tightly, a child of almost 6 years old, cannot assemble a field without assistance.
P.S. Plastic does not smell and is pleasant to the touch.