New version of the 12-sided Fidget Cube: Holy Crystal - anti-stress toy with Aliexpress

Hello Muscovites!
Surely everyone heard about the Fidget Cube - an anti-stress cube that on Kickstarter raised 6.5 million dollars and conquered the whole world in a few months.
And I'll tell you about his older brother with twelve faces, which is called Holy Crystal.
The package arrived in 2 weeks.

The crystal was neatly packed in a transparent box. And the box was wrapped with a little bubble.

In addition to Crystal, there was an instruction in the box.

The original in high resolution can be viewed here:
The crystal, like the original Fidget Cube, -a bauble designed to calm and relieve stress. I think everyone noticed that he relaxes when he performs some kind of mechanical identical actions, for example, clicks a pen, fingering a rosary, bursting a little bubble. The crystal is designed to replace all these actions.
First of all, compare the size of the Crystal with the size of a traditional Fidget Cube. The dimensions of the cube are 33mm. Crystal dimensions are indicated in the instructions - 69.6 x 61.9 x 74.4mm.

The plastic of the Fidget Cube with a soft-touch coating, the Crystal is the most common.
Let's quickly go through the edges:
1. Silicone eyelet. It can be minimally stretched. You can simply hold the Crystal by the loop, or you can hang it somewhere.
2. Silicone ball in the form of an evil emoticon with a long “neck”. Inside the ball is hollow, and therefore, when restoring the shape after compression, it makes a low sound.
3. Three silicone balls, this time with joyful emoticons. They do not have a “neck” - they are recessed a little deeper inward than a ball from the second face. And a little tougher, because here they are whole. The mobility of the balls is minimal.
4. Silicone protrusions, which, according to the instructions, are intended for massage and improve blood circulation.
5. Button, incredibly similar in sound and tactile sensations, imitating the switching of a ballpoint pen.
6. Three independent movable sliders. It is possible that my fingers are too big, but when you want to move one of them, you involuntarily touch and move the second.
7. Imitation of a disturbing stone. The Fidget Cube has the same line, where it is more sunk inside the cube and better follows the contour of the finger. And, do not forget that the new Crystal does not have soft-touch plastic, which means that there is less pleasure from this facet.
8. Twist-twirl-rotator-pusher. A notched disc around the edges spins with some slight effort. At the same time, it is also pressed with a pleasant sound.
9. Four identical triangular buttons that mimic the gamepad buttons are pressed with sound.
10. The three gears that the Fidget Cube has. Crystal is a little harder to twist, but still they spin freely. And another difference in the notches on the gears - in the Crystal, the notches are more frequent.
11. Toggle switch having two positions. When switching makes a characteristic sound.
12. A joystick that surpasses in all respects its predecessor, which is installed in the Fidget Cube. Very comfortable under the finger, rotates in all directions.

Total. If the usual Fidget Cube looks very harmonious and its idea is visible, then the Crystal does not look whole and cut. It is unfortunate that the creators of the Crystal took only a few chips from the cube (forgetting, for example, an iron ball and a large toggle switch), while adding their own faces, some of which cause misunderstanding. I had a strong feeling that some facets were developed by a person who does not know or does not understand what design is.
Although there are some questions for the creators, I liked the Crystal, and I'm glad that the anti-stress cube is developing and evolving.
Video version of the review: