Cover for e-ink reader Kobo Aura One

I use e-books with e-ink display as readers. They have many advantages over universal gadgets.
One long time ago, having bought a Kobo book, I became a fan of it. This is a fairly good device, which in technical terms and in ergonomics can be attributed to the best models.
Most recently, a new version of the book "Kobo Aura One" was released. I will not talk about it, there are enough reviews on the Internet: time, two, three. And I'll tell you about the covers for her.
I do not think it reasonable to buy covers from the Kobo website. There they cost 3-5 times more than exactly the same, but released under the brand name "Uncle Liao."
First cover, what appeared on sale is made of "genuine leather of young dermantine."

Oddly enough, there are no complaints at all about the skin. The Chinese have learned to do it very well: pleasant to the touch, it will not work anywhere. Sewn neatly enough. Although, if you look closely, you can see that they sewed by hand.

Cutout on the power button is done very well.

With the exception of the inner cover insert. Then they screwed up. At first I did not pay attention to it, but as it turned out, this jamb affected the overall quality.

She cut off crookedly.
The book is inserted inside with a tight fit and closes with a valve.

It’s nice to hold it in your hand. The cover is soft, "grasping."

Protects the book very well. Falls are damped reliably.
But, unfortunately, a very significantdisadvantage. Due to the fact that the top cover has some backlash (this is where the jamb with the uneven insert got out) when closing, the reed switch to the “standby” mode does not work clearly.
Because of this, when carrying a book in a briefcase, it can turn on and off many times, which leads to fast battery consumption.
Therefore, I was puzzled by the search for a new cover. I ordered this one.

Moreover, I use a similar one for the Kobo Aura H2O reader.
I took this cover for $ 4.80. The track was tracked only in China, then the cover disappeared from sight. A month later, came to my mail.
Now the Chinese has raised the price to $ 9.59, but I think it will take off.
And if you don’t throw it off, then there are others sellers such covers.
Workmanship does not cause any complaints.

I think it is either a quality clone, or just stubborn from the factory.

Here the book is inserted into the casing-trough and held in it by the spring-loaded sidewalls.

It closes very tightly with a lid, which is kept from opening by a magnet.
In this design of false and unexpected trips of the reed switch, "expectation" is not noticed.
That's all. If you have questions, I will answer with pleasure.