Bezel with the effect of “live” butterflies.

An interesting rim with "live" butterflies.
Hello! Today I have a review of a cute and interesting butterfly / children’s rim with butterflies. I really like him, and so I decided to share my review with you!
The bezel is packed in a regular bag, there was no blotchy film. Butterflies did not crumple, the rim itself did not break.
I chose the blue color because It seemed to me that it was in this color that the rim is the brightest, and the butterflies are most similar to real ones. In the store, the seller has two more types of pink butterflies, and green-mint. In reality, the bezel is no worse than in the seller’s photos, the print is of high quality, nowhere is it mowed or smeared. Butterflies are made of dense velvety fabric, the bodies of butterflies are made of black very dense material. Each butterfly has a thin antennae.
Photos of the rim with a description

Photos on the street

Video review

This bezel performs rather decorativefunction since there are no teeth on the inner surface and he will not hold heavy thick hair. You can wear it with loose hair, or decorate a hairstyle that is fixed by some other hairpin.
Due to the fact that the wings of butterflies flutter whenat every step of the child, or when a breeze blows, there is a feeling that they are actually alive! Two butterflies are mounted on a thin flexible wire, which can be attached to any position.
My daughter and I really liked this rim, shewears it without taking it off for the second day in a row :) The design is unusual, we haven’t seen such rims anywhere yet, so other girls on the street stare at the rim
P.S. I looked at the reviews, and found several ways to "improve" the rim. You can paint over the wire and pieces of felt with a black marker, and then they will not be so visible on dark hair. It seemed to me that in the initial version everything was fine, so we will not refine our rim.