Overview of the Tronsmart Mars G01 Wireless Joystick with Vibration Function

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Today my review is about universalTronsmart Mars G01 wireless joystick with vibration function, which can be used for games on PC, PS3 and Android. As far as I know, this is the first Russian-language review of this device. I tried to reveal all the features and highlight all the features of the joystick.
I have known joysticks since childhood, butPlayStation joysticks are especially familiar to me, as my husband had this prefix and we spent many hours playing on it. We still have a collection of discs for it, mainly consisting of our favorite jRPG games. But when the time came for PCs, we didn’t forget the good old games and continued to use the joysticks from the console when playing races on the computer and in the PlayStation emulator using such an adapter (I apologize for the state of the joysticks, they are already old).

Later, nevertheless, we purchased a pair of joysticks with a USB connection, as Relatives and purchases from the prefix came into disrepair.
Then for a while our interest in playing onthe joystick has cooled. Mostly played on a PC using the keyboard. But recently, after buying a prefix from my last review, interest in joysticks woke up again, and the eldest son was eager to play, but taking out the old ones, we found that in one they started to stick buttons from old age, and in the other the cable was bent and began to move away .
I, as usual, began to look for information aboutmodern joysticks and found information about the novelty in the person of the review hero in foreign forums. I liked the idea of ​​a wireless joystick, before that we only had cables, the other layout of the buttons didn’t scare me, well, I decided to order it.
Shipment History:
The package arrived at me amazingly fast in 7 days. I received the track number in the evening of September 17, and took the package in the morning of the 24th.
Photo unpacking:

So, the equipment is as follows: the joystick itself, a USB receiver, an OTG cable, a USB-microUSB charging cable, a brief English manual and a handbag.

Device Features:


The eldest son helped to photograph.
Joystick next to our old ones:

The joystick copies the Xbox 360 layout, which was unusual for me, because I have never used Xbox gamepads in my life. But nothing, already used to it
The joystick has a convenient plastic non-marking case,prints do not remain. Rubber non-slip inserts are made on the sides, and rubber pads are made on sticks. The buttons are nice to press, the sticks work fine and return back to their original position.
I note that the 2 lower shifts are analog and have a stroke of just over 5 mm. But they can also be perceived by devices as digital keys, depending on the connection mode (more on this later).
There is also a “Reset" button, apparently for emergency situations, but I have never had to use it.
Joystick weight - 209 grams.

For fun, I took apart the joystick to capture its insides.

The joystick turns on with an oval blue key incenter. He immediately begins to search for the receiver and, if he is not connected anywhere, then all 3 red indicators blink for a minute, then the joystick turns off. If you have already connected the receiver, the joystick turns on in the same mode in which you left it before turning it off. In the established connection mode, the joystick waits for 5 minutes, then it turns off.
Switching modes is longby pressing the same center key. There are 3 modes in total: XInput, DirectInput and Android-controlled. When connecting to a PC, you can use all three modes, and for Android, you can choose Android-controlled or XInput, depending on the game. For PS3, as they say in the instructions, you just need to connect to the console, but I could not verify this function, because I don’t know anyone who would have this console.
They also write that if the signal is unstable, then you need to hold the center key for 5 seconds and the joystick will find the frequency with the best signal.
In my apartment, the signal was always stable, devices receive clicks without delay and even through the wall from the next room
Now more about the experience of using on PC and Android.
I have Windows 7 installed on my computer. There are no problems with connecting. First, connect the receiver, the OS installs the driver itself. Next, turn on the joystick and again just wait. The drivers will be installed a second time when you switch the joystick mode.
In XInput mode, the joystick is defined as the Xbox 360 Controller.

The lower ciphers work in analog mode and are responsible for the Z axis, the left stick is the X / Y axis, and the right stick is the rotation around the X / Y axes. D-pad’a pressings are also perceived obliquely.
In DirectInput mode, the joystick is defined as the Tronsmart game controller.

The lower ciphers now simply reproduce keystrokes, like ordinary keys. The left stick is the X / Y axis, the right one is responsible for the Z axis and rotation around its axis.
Basically for Windows, I used XInput mode. Supported games automatically determine the joystick and can be controlled from their menu from it.
As it turned out, now many games, not onlyRacing, as I thought, as well as shooters, action games, RPGs support the joystick. Personally, I was convinced that the joystick and vibration function were fully operational in games such as Need for Speed: Rivals, Assassin's Creed IV, Sleeping Dogs, Fable Anniversary, Borderlands I + II, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Saints Row III + IV, Dead Space , Darksiders I + II, Dead Rising 3, Bastion, and even, which I did not expect at all, in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

In DirectInput mode, I switched the joystick whenused with my favorite PlayStation ePSXe emulator, where analogue ciphers are not needed, and my husband also used it when playing a ported version of Final Fantasy VII for PC.
Android-controlled mode works on PC as well as DirectInput.

Some extra keys appear in the joystick settings, but they do not correspond to pressing any of the keys. Apparently this is something specific for Android.
Now about Android.
Joystick is suitable for any Android device withOS version 4 and higher, whether it is a set-top box, tablet or phone (though using it in conjunction with the phone will not be as convenient as when using the joystick with a holder). But, unfortunately, you will not get vibration here, because as far as I know, there are currently no games supporting this feature.
Since I don’t have a “regular” tablet in stock, my tablet from the last iPega PG-9700 review became my test subject, no matter how strange it looks

First, connect the receiver to the device using the OTG cable, then turn on the joystick.
In Android-controlled mode, simple enoughconnect the joystick to the device. It can be used to navigate menus and games. Navigation in the menu is carried out by D-pad’s and left stick, Y button - selection, B button - cancel. Basically, it is normally detected.

But in some games the keys still do not work or the keys are defined incorrectly, and then another mode may come to the rescue.
According to the manufacturer, in order to achieve maximum compatibility in management, you need to connect the joystick in XInput mode. The device must be rooted.
To do this, follow the instructions. from this document, the link to which I found in one ofEnglish-language reviews of this joystick. It uses 2 applications, apparently developed for the firmware of TV set-top boxes of the same manufacturer, although I don’t know for sure.
Screenshots of the sequence:

In this mode, navigation in the menu is carried out only by D-pad (the stick in the menu does not work, but in games it is active), button A - select, button B - cancel.
Also for reassigning keys or for selectingcompatibility with any games, you can use one of such android applications as Tincore Keymapper or Mobile Controller Helper in conjunction with Game Keyboard.
Of the games I personally tested Asphalt 8, DungeonHunter 4, Dungeon Quest, Dead Trigger 2, Leo’s Fortune, for working in Android-controlled mode. For one game, namely Metal Slug 3, it was necessary to switch to XInput. In the Terraria game, unfortunately, the joystick wasn’t able to work, without the help of third-party keymappers, it seems to be detected and icons appear on the screen with inscriptions of actions for the keys, but the keys do not work. But with the help of the keymapper, reassigning the keys to different actions from the touchscreen, it was possible to achieve a playable state.
Also from foreign text and video reviewsyou can judge the performance of the joystick even in games such as Dead Trigger, Asphalt 8, GTA vice city, Beach buggy Blitz, Sky riders, Sonic 4 epc 1 & 2, Shadowgun, Modern Combat 4, Modern combat 5, Six-Guns, Riptide GP2, Nova 3.
The stated operating time of the joystick is 20+ hours without vibration, about 5 hours with it.
I couldn’t determine the working time very accurately,but it clearly corresponds to the declared. During testing, the husband used the joystick; he played about 12 hours in Final Fantasy VII, judging by the statistics of Steam. Plus, my tests on PC and Android took more than one hour for several days.
In one of the reviews, I also read thatthe joystick is supposedly not active when charging. But it was not so. Perhaps they changed the firmware or something else, but my joystick works fine when charging from the same computer in which the receiver is, and from a third-party charger.
Charging takes about 1.5 hours. When the battery is low, 3 red LEDs start to flash rapidly on the joystick, when charging is in progress, one of the LEDs blinks, depending on the mode in which the joystick is turned on, when charging is completed - the mode LED just glows, as during normal operation without charging.
Summing up, I’ll say that I personally have a joystickI liked it and I quickly got used to the new layout for me. The joystick is comfortable in the hands, well assembled, easy to connect, happy with the presence of different operating modes, suitable for tablets that do not have a Bluetooth module, like mine. Also, the advantages include the presence of a built-in battery and the ability to play while charging.
Of the minuses, we can distinguish not full compatibilitywith all games, but the models of joysticks of other Chinese companies and the lack of a holder for a mobile phone also sin, but this is not really a minus if you need a joystick for a PC or TV set-top box / tablet with a connection to the monitor.
I also wanted to make a short video forreview, otherwise everyone has it, but I don’t have it, well, I didn’t have a review in the last review
I take this opportunity to convey thanks to the operator
UPD Later I conducted tests for joystick interference in Wi-Fi frequencies.

A brief conclusion: they are not noticeable.
And again, our cat:

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