Review of budget USB 3.0 - Sata 2.5 pockets (boxing)

Briefly - take
I have accumulated good and not very (but quite suitable for the needs of storage and reading of not important information) 2.5 hard drives, common in laptops.
There is experience buying pockets offline and it is extremelynegative - the cases in which the discs hang out if you don’t put a piece of paper, overheating controllers, etc., but nevertheless decided to look at the online store of the well-known alien retailer before buying - I found it with a price of 730 rubles, very similar to the one I’ve watched, but it was necessary several, therefore, considering that buying several pockets offline would go out in the price of a new portable disk, I decided to order it on Ali by searching for the lowest price.
I drove about a month and a half, packing without a little bubble, it was packed in zip bags, but everything came together.
Package includes:
1 x Pocket
1 x Cable
1 x Case
The case is completely plastic, all fasteners onlatches and protrusions on the case, including the board - but this does not create any problems, the cover snaps securely on the drive and the board does not hang out. The cable is hard, it is inserted securely, the connection does not disappear during movements, it may loosen over time, but USB 3.0 is also shaken on branded portable drives.
Only general details are reported about the characteristics of the seller - compatibility with all relevant and not very OS, and versions of the USB protocol. From myself I’ll add:
- Pocket can "fall asleep" in the absence of access to the disk
- Read SMART parameters and temperature
The quality of soldering a board for 3 out of 5 is prettyInaccurate, not washed out flux, I would additionally solder the connector mount - but laziness, and the connector is inserted into the housing hole tightly, there is little chance that the connector can be torn off the board if the handle is not handled. Next, a photo of the appearance of the pocket, board, controller, cover. (from the phone).

Board Controller

Judging by the controller (IS 621 ) the Chinese did not cheat on the pocket reallyUSB 3.0 controller (the only thing deceived with compatibility with Windows XP - it does not detect a pocket on it). No problems were noticed in the work, I conducted speed tests on the 7200RPM disk, unfortunately I do not have SSD, the pocket was connected to the USB 3.0 of the ASUS desktop / m / p. I also give the temperature of the disk after a long non-linear copy of 80 GB. data:
Speed, temperature

As a result, I can say that for the money for whichwe can’t even smile at the store, I got a completely working quality thing, time will tell of course, but in a week of active use, two pockets of failures did not fail. But still, if you are working with important data on portable media, I would recommend using full-fledged USB hard drives, because I think the reliability of the electronics and the case will be higher.