Overview of a whole bunch of cool t-shirts.

A whole bunch of the same cool t-shirts, in order to surely get a copy of the right size.
Once upon a time I saw in some sort of selection of thisplan of beautiful and unusual things - a t-shirt as above. Cool, remember. A couple of years passed, now I’ve been looking on Ali for something cool to buy in the summer and came across a familiar picture.
I was not sure that I would get into the desired size, so I decided not to risk it and order a few pieces of similar sizes and different colors. Actually, this will be discussed.
The seller has a grid of sizes, but at timesthe Chinese are the Chinese. My size is M and it seems to fit normally in the data plate. Therefore, of course, I ordered it, and just in case L. I also hesitated between white and black. Therefore, in the end, it turns out that we have 4 pieces and a multi-review.

Delivery for me was paid (Ukraine), but whythen the seller did not send the tea post, as indicated in the description, but by some kind of e-packet unknown to me. In general, the order was relatively large, maybe this is the case. However, the package “reached” me very quickly, and even received an SMS from the post office that the package with such a track was already waiting for you at the department (!!).

Making a team from a bunch of things. However, other things are of a different plan, because there will be an overview of only the same type of T-shirts. If you describe the packaging in words - then all the components from different things in the order are packed in separate packages, and each thing is still in its own individual one.
And here are 4 subjects to review

The first to consider white shirts. As it turned out later, they look a little thinner and sometimes even seem quite translucent to themselves. Perhaps because of the color. Fabric is most likely cotton declared.

Real sizes of white t-shirts

In the dry result - the size of t-shirts correlates with the seller’s plate, but the sizes differ in the tag and a little color of the fingers

The seams are normally stitched, did not find protruding threads. Regarding the applied image, this is the print ...
Now consider the other two pieces, black. They seem denser, but it is possible that this is only due to the dark color.
And here the fingers are the same

The real sizes of black t-shirts

The structure of the picture is slightly coarser in the black version.

Instead of a cat photo - there will be many photos of me
Photo fitting white

Photo fitting black

What can you make the outcome of this purchase - withL size I got excited, the seller’s data is quite true. And now I have M - it fits perfectly into the wardrobe and in my sizes, and T-shirts of size L - you will need to sell / give. The seller claims the 3D nature of the image, I would not so easily say this, but there is some illusion of reality embracing the hand.
The purchase was a team, in a pair of other items - II found troubles with seams and small quality flaws - here in only one place a little sloppy print is imposed. On the contrary, the standard problem of things from Chinese stores - the rubber-artificial smell / stink - was not in these t-shirts, you can take it and wear it right away, without a standard night on the balcony) But in the second part of the national team purchase, there is a bit of trouble with this. But I’ll tell you about it later.
In general, black t-shirts are also happy with the purchase - I can even recommend it for fans of such a clothing plan.