Review of quality Vormor bag with Aliexpress

Two or three years ago, the inevitable happened - the wifeaccidentally went to aliexpress. For several days, she went to bed far after midnight, in thoughtless magpie ecstasy burrowing into the very jungle of aliexpress, where for three or four dollars a two hundred-year-old puer buried in the ground promoted in the form of a tourmaline corset from caries promised to be buried in the ground by her grandfather-hunveybin.
The basket in her account was bloated like a puffer fish,as a supernova, as the euphoria of North Korean rice breeders at the visit of the Supreme Leader. But you can add as much as you like, but try to pay when you do not have a single type of electronic money))
As time goes by, my wife correlated “usecard ”so that she has a card, and little by little small packets with all kinds of cheap junk began to appear in the mailbox. And recently, from the post office, I dragged a bag away that contained ... a bag.
A few days later, the wife said that the bag: a) leather b) cheap c) and generally just fire for its price.
So I decided to emboss a small review of a completely non-core gizmo for myself, suddenly it will come in handy.
Now I saw the name of the bag - Vormor. The name to be expected from some grinded black-metal gang. But no - a handbag. Anyway.
In general, see the photo.
The color of the bag is dark, some kind of blue-violet, the wife expected a slightly different shade.

Metal zippers, stitching seems to be normal. The runner does not bite anywhere, walks smoothly. Threads do not stick out, nothing has crawled in 2 weeks. Those. In terms of tailoring claims zero.
She also did not like the gilding, which is likely to peel off, and indeed for an amateur.

Inside, probably standard offal for a femalebags. Middle compartment with a zipper and two pits on each side of it. There are still small pockets in the walls for absolutely necessary things: a knife there, a flashlight, a spray can and a coil of paracord, or what women carry around there.

And here is important - the bag seems to be like (in the commentsthe opposite opinion) of leather. Moreover, the skin stained quite deeply. I specifically took a picture of the slice, it is clearly visible there. The wife says that for this money even leatherette still needs to look ...

She took this bag a little cheaper, in rubles she left it in 2000. Delivery took three weeks.
There are also disadvantages - the color is not for everyone, the bag is too heavy (but this is a consequence of the fact that it is made of leather. We will make such an assumption).
The rest - the quality of the wife claims zero. He says that in terms of price and quality, the purchase is extremely successful.
There are no obvious designer refinements in the bag, but there is also no kind of sloppiness familiar to all basement Chinese in quality. Although in my purses I understand like a pig in oranges.
Comments show that the main part of the audience of the music is men, but I hope that this review will find its reader and will be useful.
upd - a piece of material was attached to the bag, I tried to burn it with a lighter. nothing melts.