Classic Gift Review for February 23rd: A Cool Set of Colored Men's Socks

I would like to tell you about a classic men's gift for February 23, but presented to me in a non-standard way.

On the eve of this holiday, my friend secretly ordered me to wear socks). A normal such cool set of socks with Aliexpress in the amount of 5 pairs at a price of about $ 12.5. Thus, each pair cost approximately2.5 dollars or about 150 rubles at the current rate. But she did something chemical there, buying on sale, so it turned out to be cheaper. I never found out the exact price. Yes and it doesn’t matter.
Socks flew to me in 2 weeks (directly record holders) by China Post. In the lot, Aliexpress standart shipping was indicated.
Each pair is fastened with a small aluminum clip.

I really liked the socks. In my 43 size fit perfectly, even with a margin.
I think size 45-46 will also sit well. Which is even surprising for Chinese goods, which are usually small. See for yourself how to stretch:

The heel and sole are normal, the toe is reinforced.

The elastic is wide enough and elastic - nothing presses.

Let's see how they show themselves after washing. It looks cool on the leg. What is needed for the summer and our gray everyday life). But so, at first glance, I’m really very happy. Beautiful pattern, nice fabric ... What more could you want ...