Rapoo 3200 mouse review - noname

Today we look at the mouse Rapoo 3200
The model is called Rapoo 3200. But in fact, Rapoo does not have a 3200 model. It's just a fiction. And the quality is so much different from Rapoo that this mouse has nothing to do with it. This is an ordinary Chinese Noname.

Mouse sizes:
Length 105 mm
Width 73mm
Height 37mm
It is made of plastic.
The upper painted panel is painted with glossy paint.
The sides are not painted. If the top plastic is not satisfactory.
That on the sides is a big problem. He is very slippery. Because of this, working with the mouse is not entirely pleasant. The hand is slipping.
It slides in only one place - from the right side.

The buttons are pressed clearly with characteristic clicks.
The middle button is pressed hard. You can use it, but with a little effort.
There are two keys on the left side. Usually they perform the function “Forward” - “Back” in the browser.
You cannot program them. In theory, it would be better if they were not there at all. And would be from the left side - soft plastic. Saved not on what you need.

At the top of the logo is a CPI toggle button - the number of “values” per inch.
The values ​​cannot be determined. The seller’s website says 500-1000. Anyway. This is not a gaming mouse after all. What is the difference how much CPI is there
The right side is really slippery.

I do not have a small hand - therefore, it sits not very comfortable. Little one though.
For example, the A4Tech X-718 has a length of 122mm. Ours - 105mm. There is a difference.

Pieces of electrical tape are glued at the bottom.
Nearby is the On-Off switch.
And the compartment for the AA battery or AA Battery. (1 pc.) It opens very tight.

The sensor glows red.

Now for comparison, look at the original RAPOO 1620 mouse.
She stands in an offline store 12 $ -13 $
The quality, as we see, is completely different.

In general, the mouse is normal. I will use it. But of course, not as the main one on a home gaming PC. For a laptop, it works fine. Yes, and you can take it to work. Let it work there.
The only slipping little finger on the right side of the mouse is depressing - but if you get used to it, you will like it.
- Cheap
- Strict stylish design
- For a small hand - a good option.
- The edges are slippery plastic.