Nice bra review

I have a girlfriend, distant from the topiconline shopping, and from the Internet as a whole. I repeatedly told her about Ali, shared my impressions, showed updates. In general, I sowed in her a grain of doubt of interest. And on 11.11, when I accumulated a lot of coupons, we decided to buy something from small things. Because girlfriend walks with me to the gym, then we were looking for either a top or bodice with support for classes in the gym. I have experience in shopping in one category and in the second, so I insisted on a bodice. Still, a seamless model should like more than the horror with the push-up that I once bought.
The choice fell on an interesting pitted model. After looking at the dimensional grid and reading the reviews that the size is the same, at 75 ° C and the exhaust gas parameters are 91 cm, and the OCG is 73 cm, we chose 75C. The package arrived in 3 weeks. The delivery was a whole saga. The bodice came to the main office of Novaya Poshta, which is located on the outskirts of the city, next to the city prison) Therefore, we received the package later 4 days before it was redirected to our office. She called her friend, she unpacked.

I want to say right away that she is 100% satisfied with her bodice and beeps of happiness (for such and such money), but I write the review from my own words.
So let's get started. The bodice came in the standard plastic zip package that was already standard for me. Inside a bunch of biochallets. Lace on top with the Pearlan logo, advertising everywhere) But here is info about materials and other things - Chinese characters. I will not insist, but it seems to me that this is synthetics)

Below, under the lace is a bodice of golden color. The material shimmers.
Non-removable straps, adjustable.

The back is not wide, but the bodice has good support. The length of the bra when unzipped is 68 cm. it is really 75 cm in volume, it stretches well. Under my chest, it also sits well on my circumference, taking into account the minimum fit (the farthest or penultimate hooks).

It’s difficult to measure the depth of the cup. a cup ? and there are no bones, I tried to show it in the photo, but in my opinion, and according to my girlfriend’s feelings, here is honest S. T. I dare to judge that the bodice is full measure. There is a push-up, very good. Not in terms of quantity, but in terms of distribution: it gives the breast an appetizing shape and holds it well.

It seems to have told everything. Now let's move on to the fitting.
Natasha will not be today, she flew away in hotcountries. And even more so, the site now has blacklists, and it seems to me that users who don’t like me like that will add me there. It is hardly possible to be such a masochist: dislike my reviews, get annoyed only by my appearance and still enter them?
I’ll say right away that I wear a 75D and, to put it mildly,chest barely fit in this bodice. For my parameters 95/71, the bra is small, as you can see, it sits “more correctly” on the girlfriend, but she didn’t give consent in the photo, so
look at what is.

Well, the back, where without it?

What can I say? Girlfriend is happy, I, respectively, too. But this model is not suitable for large breasts due to thin straps and back, they do not provide proper support. In general, I recommend buying!
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