Smartphone review Leagoo M8 Pro

Well, what a self-respecting manufacturing companymobile phones in 2017 will not release its budget employee with a dual main camera? Most likely, Leagoo also thought so and decided to create their own “masterpiece”, which looks no different from the previous M8 novelty. We won’t know why we left the same design. Either because of its popularity, or because of the timing of the release of the device, which was running out ... :). But be that as it may, the smartphone was not bad enough.
I shoot and write reviews on behalf of an ordinaryuser of Chinese phones, which means that the review will not disassemble the phone, testing with various specials. devices, etc., so those who were waiting for a super-detailed review with disassembly, crash test and flashing, can no longer read and do not waste their time.
Yes, I did not buy a phone for my money; it was provided by the company. If this somehow bothers you, it is better to skip this review, it will save your nerves.
Leagoo M8 Pro in terms of design - practicallyexact copy of the previous model M8. The only difference is the dual main camera of the device. This is the same metal frame, the same glossy plastic and the same combined camera unit with a scanner. The most important, invisible, but positive changes are the inside of the phone.
The stated specifications:
-System: Android 6.0 (Marshmallow)
-Processor: 4 - nuclear, MTK6737, 1.3 GHz
-Memory: 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM
-Sim card: two sim cards
-Frequencies: WCDMA: 900/2100 MHz, GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz, FDD-LTE 800/900/1800/2100/2600 MHz.
-Screen: 5.7 "2.5D IPS with HD resolution (1280 × 720), 5-touch multi-touch. (Gorilla Glass 4)
- Front camera: 5 MP (interpolation up to 8 MP)
-Main camera: 8 MP (interpolation up to 13 MP) + 2 MP (interpolation up to 5 MP)
-Battery: 3500 mAh
- Connectors: Micro USB, 3.5 mm (audio), microSD slot
-Bluetooth: 4.0
-Optional: fingerprint scanner
-Colors: gold, gray
Unpacking and packaging
The M8 Pro comes in a solid color box, which has not changed in design from the previous M8 model. The box is large enough.

The kit includes the Leagoo M8 Pro device itself, a MicroUSB cable, charging, documentation and headphones, which can be immediately postponed for a rainy day. A protective film has already been pasted on the phone screen.

The back of the phone is made of glossyplastic. The perimeter frame and the frame itself are metal. The frames around the display are not thick. Leagoo positions its phone, like all other devices of the M series, shockproof.
On the front of the M8 Pro are5.7-inch HD display, front camera, earpiece and sensors. There is no event indicator. There are no touch buttons on the front of the phone, as they are built into the OS itself.

On the back side there is a flash, the maindual camera, fingerprint sensor, company logo and speaker, which remained at the same level. A very loud and high-quality speaker is the most important difference between Leagoo and other companies (for me personally).

The fingerprint scanner does not work well, but not perfect. There is a delay when triggered.

By tradition, the scanner in the Leagoo M8 Pro, in addition toUsually unlock, able to perform a number of functions. It can serve as a camera shutter button, a button for turning over desktops, controlling music and video, and so on.

On the right side is the power button and volume swing. The left side is empty. The buttons are easy to press and do not rattle when shaking the phone.

On the upper edge is only a 3.5 mm audio jack. On the bottom are MicroUSB and a microphone.

Leagoo M8 has a separate SIM card slot and a separate memory card slot, so you do not have to choose between two SIM cards and a memory extension.

The battery of the Leagoo M8 is removable and has a declared capacity of 3500 mAh.

The phone discharged evenly. When checking the battery on a USB tester, this ester showed a maximum battery capacity of 3420 mAh. I downloaded the series in AVI format to the phone and began to pause series after series without pauses, after charging the smartphone to 100%. Turned off GPS and Wi-Fi, the brightness was 50%, the sound 60%. From 100% to 10% 9 hours have passed.
The sound during a telephone conversation is excellent. The interlocutor hears me well, I also hear the interlocutor perfectly.
The Leagoo M8 Pro has a 5.7-inch IPS HD display with 5-touch multi-touch, which is protected by Gorilla Glass 4

The image on the screen is bright and juicy, in sunny weather at full brightness the display is quite usable.

And in the following photos you can see how the display behaves at different viewing angles:


The M8 Pro smartphone, unlike the previous M8 model, supports 2G, 3G and 4G frequencies.
Wi-fi works fine. Also, having previously installed Yandex navigator and uploaded a map of my area into it, I tested GPS. The phone did not find satellites instantly, but after 8-10 seconds it still happened.

Interface (Software)
Leagoo M8 runs on Android 6.0, but the interface is redrawn in almost all stock applications. The proprietary shell of the device is called Freeme OS. Basically, everything works smartly, the shell is not poorly optimized.

The buttons "menu", "back" and "home" are built into the OS itself, they are on-screen. You can swap them, for this there is a special item in the settings.

The interface does not have a button for all applications, all available icons are located on the desktops. If the standard theme does not suit you, you can change it. There are many interesting and free themes to choose from.

Leagoo M8 has some useful features thatare related to the interface. The first thing I would like to say is RecordScreen. With this program, which is embedded in the OS itself, you can record the screen of your phone. The icon of this function is located in the quick launch curtain.
The second feature is Power Saver. With this program, you can extend the life of your smart with a low battery. This utility disconnects the Internet connection, stops all programs and there is only a barely visible screen without backlighting and several available functions, such as calls, SMS and time.

Another interesting feature is “Dual Tag”. Using this program, you can create two accounts in one program or social. network. I managed to log into two accounts in one official VK application. Very handy feature.

The phone supports OTG function. In the previous model, this support was absent, since the processor was not new and did not support this function. In the M8 Pro, without any problems, I managed to connect a 16 GB flash drive to the phone and read all the data from it.
Leagoo M8 is based on a relatively newlow-cost 4-core processor MTK6737 with a frequency of 1.3 GHz. For the test, I launched the Asphalt 8 game - the phone did not heat up much. Asphalt 8 could start without problems on average settings, did not notice any friezes and brakes. Yes, you can also play at maximum speeds, but sometimes the brakes of the system will be noticeable, after all, the processor is not a game.

Antutu 6.2.7 scored 29780 points.

A test in Epic Citadel showed the following results.(a glitch occurs in the citadel with on-screen buttons, the black bar remains even after hiding the buttons. Because of this, the resolution is shown without taking into account this bar).

The camera on the M8 Pro takes great pictures, of course II'm talking about quality considering the cost of the device. The camera application was also redrawn, it differs from the standard camera in 6 android. The video shoots in maximum resolution HD (1280 * 720)

The main camera has an 8 megapixel sensor withinterpolation up to 13 mp. + auxiliary camera (monochrome) for 5MP bokeh effect. The blur, in my opinion, does not work very correctly, it shifts after clicking on the camera button. I don’t see the point in this dual camera, it’s not worth buying a phone for it, but, fortunately, the camera is not the only change in the Pro version. Update the phone is only for the filling.
Examples of photos can be viewed by the spoiler:
Photo examples

The originals of the photo can be viewed by LINK
Video examples can be found in the full video review below.
In the end, I would like to quickly go over the pros and cons of the Leagoo M8:
- lack of an event indicator
- phone weight (not for everyone, of course, this is a minus)
+ good screen
+ high-quality sound
+ 4G
+ Gorilla Glass 4
+ metal frame
+ assembly
Summing up, I want to say that the phone is not inin any case, you do not need to upgrade to the Pro version for the sake of a dual camera, but for the sake of a more modern filling, you can update it, especially since Leagoo has never gone ahead with the prices of its products. The presence of 4G and support for OTG are powerful arguments when choosing a smartphone. Yes, not everyone can use such a huge display size. I can not recommend or not to buy, since everyone has their own requests and goals for using the smartphone.
Video review Leagoo M8: