Smartphone review Xiaomi Redmi 3S: the perfect budget book ordered?

Good day, today I’ll tell you about a great budget phone from Xiaomi (Xiaomi) and tell you about the chips that this smartphone has!
At the end of 2016, I had a need to purchase a new powerful smartphone.
And I decided to take a chance to buy a Chinese device, yes IThen I thought that I was risking, because when I was interested in my acquaintances about purchases from China, some of them said that not a good product would come to me.
But I, having read an article on the Internet and having taken a 1-year return guarantee, bought a smartphone, which I will tell you about now!
Redmi 3s shipping information

phone features from the seller

the phone came in such a package

The air packaging the seller placed in could perfectly protect our phone from possible external influences during transportation.

Headphones, a telephone, and an adapter to our power outlet were in the air bag.

Headphones came to me at 600 rubles.
Xiaomi Headphones at a Glance


Clip for sim / flash card slot

Chinese instructions

Power supply and cable for him / computer

As soon as I took the first time this animal in my hand, I felt a pleasant and convenient design, the ease of this phone (144 grams) and pleasant quality.
It was nice to notice how on the back sideThe phone shimmered with chrome details on the rim of the camera and the fingerprint sensor. Also on the back side we will see barcodes, IMEIs of this phone (they are simply glued, it will not be difficult to unstick and put in a secluded place, because they can come in handy in case of return or repair under the phone warranty)

On the front of the screen is a 5-inch screen itself, a 5 megapixel front camera, a speaker, a proximity sensor.

And at the bottom of the front there are 3 touch buttons, though without backlighting, it is sometimes so lacking.

There is a volume rocker on the right side, the on / off button

At the top there is a 3.5 mm headphone input, an IR sensor for controlling household appliances, a TV, etc. As well as a noise canceling microphone.

On the back there is a fingerprint sensorfinger, LED flash, high-quality speaker that gives us high-quality sound that does not have distortion, cod when you increase and decrease the volume.
And also, above the speaker is a smalla protrusion made specifically by the developers so that the phone located on a smooth surface while listening to music does not muffle all the sound, and sound waves pass through the created small gap.

On the left side is a slot for 2 sim / 1 flash cards (s)
Although it is provided constructively, we can either use 2 SIM or 1 SIM and a flash card, but if you have direct hands you can organize the work of 2 SIM and a flash card

Screen at corners does not distort the image

Unlocking the phone you will see the MUMI 8 interface on android 6.0.1, it is very nice and convenient

Standard applications

Phone Features with Antutu and AIDA64

Top games on the phone are cheerful, no freezes
For example WOT:

The phone has such features as

Second space

Dual applications

Here is my video phone review
So, I want to tell you that this is a great phone! Powerful features, enough memory and a 4000 mAm battery
I’ve been using the phone for almost 2 months now and I can’t say a single minus.
And I called you the pluses during the review.
In terms of price and quality, this is the perfect choice! I advise everyone!