Overview of a medieval dress from China

During the Early Middle Ages (from 6th to 12thcenturies) mixed trends prevailed in clothing - Anglo-Saxon styles combined with antique and Byzantine. The dress of that time was a one-piece tunic. She was often decorated with embroidery on the sleeves and on the top.
How the similar dress turned out to be reproduced by the Chinese, you will learn in this review. Looking ahead, I liked the dress.
Introduction Once again flipping through Aliexpress atsearching for interesting things from clothes, at the request of “vintage” or “medieval” a dress was found that had a considerable number of orders and positive reviews. Similar things from this price category and potentially equivalent quality of execution by a quick search were not found.
After communicating with inner common sense,who tried to appeal to himself and explain that such a dress can only be used for photo shoots / cosplay / role-playing games and other not very practical, but no less pleasant and interesting things, the order was formed and paid.
NB: The price at the time of purchase was several dollars lower and was the most attractive among the prices for the same dress in other stores.
Delivery and packaging The order was sent by the seller the next day, sending the promised ePacket. Only 10 days have passed from the moment of payment to the receipt of goods at the post office. Tracking is attached.

Packaging - plain gray plastic bagwithout seals and pimples. Inside is another transparent crunchy cellophane bag, which contains a neatly folded, but obviously ironing dress.
Identification elements on the collar of the dressa label has been sewn, testifying to its belonging to the Clocolor brand, which, among other things, is Design in USA, as well as its size. In addition, two black tags are additionally attached to the label, duplicating this information and not containing additional information except for the manufacturer's motto “Color your cloth - Color your life” (“color clothes - color life”).

A short search was foundthe brand’s website with a similar name, but with a different font for the logo and with a broken page of information about him. Thus, it was not possible to refute or confirm “Design in USA”.
SizeOrdered the size of the dress "L", which, according to the seller, has a dress length of 150 cm, chest girth 102 cm, sleeve length 75.5 cm.
As a result of careful measurements, the following results were obtained:
- chest width - 40 * 2 cm (taking into account the tightening of the "corset" at the back)
- width at the waist - 37 * 2 cm (taking into account the tightening of the "corset" at the back)
- sleeve length (internal) - 75 cm
- sleeve length (external) - 122 cm
- dress length - 147 cm
- hem width (maximum scan) - 210 cm
- cutout width - 25 cm
- depth of cut - 17 cm

The dress is fully consistent with the promise in the images of the seller. Photos in the description are made with the real version of the product, and not with the reference.


The back is corset lacing, whichit is possible to adjust the dress to the required size. On each of the sleeves there are also applications that allow the external sleeves to be variably adjusted.
The material of manufacture in the description is indicatedpolyester, but in reality it’s not synthetics, but cotton, which can even be seen from the texture in the photographs (see seams). According to a great connoisseur of fabrics - "type of satin." It is surprising and incomprehensible whether the seller wanted to belittle the quality of the goods, believed that polyester is better, or simply made a mistake.
The dress is made at a very decent level. Seams, edges and decor are stitched very evenly. In some places, lonely protruding threads are found only from within, but it is difficult to not meet them at least somewhere.

The seam:

Seam on the hem:

On the weather and the time of the year, it was not possible to take pictures outdoors, because of this, a place for shooting was pleasing to the eye.


On the side:




The dress was very pleasant, it is recommended to purchase. I have not met alternative products of a similar style from this price category.
+ delivery speed
+ match description
+ workmanship
+ originality
- originality, lack of ability in routine life

UPD1: according to the wishes of the community, some photos have been replaced.