Review of stylish cosmetic bags

Hello! This review is about an unusual holographic beautician. Who are interested, please, under the cat. I have long noticed this cosmetic bag. At first I planned to turn it into a clutch, but then I decided to use it for its intended purpose. And for the past several months, she has faithfully served me as a storehouse for cosmetics.
Free shipping. Surprisingly, the order came very quickly, in 8 days.
The cosmetic bag was packed in a bag that protects the holographic inserts from scratches.

Inside the beautician label with the same name.

In appearance, the cosmetic bag is not so big, but in fact it is very roomy. Outwardly it looks very beautiful: each triangle shimmers with different colors of the rainbow.

The holographic inserts seem to be glued, but hold tight. It is hoped that during use they will not fall off.

Inside the bag is finished with hard black material.

Here is how much makeup fits in it:


To say that I am satisfied is to say nothing. The quality is very good, it looks stylish and unusual in appearance. I recommend to buy. The only negative is the cost. Since the cosmetic bag was bought before the crisis, it cost around 700 rubles. Now the price is too high.