Review of women's Rax sneakers from the online store and the clear advantages over Abibas

Hi, there. She promised a review of women's shoes, bought at a discount of more than 50%, complete with a jacket from one seller. I was looking for comfortable and beautiful clothes for cycling, hiking with a child and a dog in the off-season. I admit, I didn’t really need sneakers, but when choosing a spring windbreaker I received a bonus from the seller and chose pink Tasteless? In my opinion, it turned out pretty well outwardly, and the quality of the shoes turned out to be good.
Packing and unpacking
They were packed, like many shoes from China,per package, no box expected. Each shoe had a solid cardboard pad, thanks to which the shoes did not deform during transportation. There was no odor and no.
First impressions
Impressions are pleasant. They received two parcels at the same time, they turned the jacket around and the eye was glad ... both the nose and the figure are satisfied. Sneakers unfurled with apprehension about the size ... but fortunately, the leg easily dived into shoes and comfortably accommodated there. I did not expect such a fit in size.
Is it leather or not? Interest, of course, was. They were in no hurry to draw conclusions “by eye”, it was decided to test. Definitely, I was pleased with the tag with the sample probe, which in shape denotes the “skin sign”. Product material, standard for sports shoes, combined.
As for the coloring. Pink sneakers would never be worn as the dominant part of the outfit; I prefer athletic shoes of classic colors with small bright elements. But having tried on with a pink jacket, a similar shade, I was delighted. It turned out to be a bright, springy perky sports suit, and the backpack was a suitable color.
The model is quite a sports one. It is expected that they are high, because the sneakers are positioned like winter shoes. All in all, an interesting look.

True, wolf eyes on the fabric are guarded, andanimal paw protector. Rough for a female model. However, rax positions itself as a manufacturer of clothing and footwear for extreme sports and outdoor recreation. The image of the wolf is probably not accidental: there is a hint of wear resistance of the product, similar to the exposure of a wild animal. When worn, this "savagery" is not striking.

Undoubtedly, what was made ofsneakers. In the seller’s description, they are presented as leather. Rather, these sneakers apply: have leather inserts. Like many sports shoes, unlike urban-style shoes, they are sewn using combined materials. This model is no exception, in more detail: the nose is grooved rubber quilted with a double seam, on the outside there is an embossed company inscription.

Heel - light pink fabric glued tosome other black material, similar to thin rubber, and stitched with one seam. On both sides of the heel is a pad in the shape of an animal's paw, on the outside there is a rax brand name on a rubber sticker. On the back - a loop for pulling or hanging.

The top of the shoe, like the tongue area, is sewn with fabric in pink and gray colors, among the spots of which the eyes of the animal are clearly visible. The tongue is a synthetic fabric.

And the rest of the surface is suede. Only she is some kind of fluffy, suspicious, or something, she is very furry and quite soft. Together with the care and functional tag on the shoe, a sample of the main material was fastened, symbolizing the “skin” icon. Here they mocked at him in search of the truth: they set it on fire - the smell of singed hair is felt; sent a stream of water - water drained without a trace with a stream and large drops, had to rub water: finally, absorbed and the material darkened. I'm afraid to draw conclusions, but according to tests, I’m quite natural suede.

As for tailoring: all seams on any part are perfect. To fix the legs in the ankle area there are hooks. Frankly, any high-top sneakers, even winter ones, if they involve such wearing, are not laced, and are not even tied. As for these, they are successfully selected in size, and for a week the socks, without lacing, did not lose and did not freeze in them at -1 - + 3C. So I see no reason for myself to tie them. Round synthetic laces.

As for the inside of the shoe: inside the shoes are sewn with printed burgundy synthetic fabric. It feels like the insole is made of some very soft foam, it seems that the manufacturer tried to repeat the innovative insole with a “memory effect”, Memory Foam, which, after deformation, should quickly return to its original appearance. The effect is not so obvious, but very similar. A thin synthetic mesh net is glued to the insole. By the way, the insole is soft and comfortable.

Sole to match the sports style of winter shoes- massive, wide, with a good deep tread. Made of foam-like material with rubber inserts. The sole is glued, in some places faint traces of transparent glue are visible. After winter sports boots with good tread, walking on slippery spring snow, climbing small hills, she was afraid to slip, pressed her legs more hard into the ground, but quickly realized that you can stay on your feet without extra effort. In short, the tread and material prevent the sneakers from slipping.

The shape of the shoe is comfortable, sometimes in shoes you feel as if you are rolling, or you inadvertently pull a sock, or the back makes the foot tilt forward as if .... There are no similar sensations when wearing these.

The size fits perfectly, I ordered US 5.5, EUR 38 for my size 36.5. The insole length is 24.5 cm.

Additional Information

Currently positive impressions ofsocks of Chinese sneakers. Ordered and received very opportunely, the weather is indulging now: either a sudden rain, then + 6C and sunny, or a frost freeze, so such a transitional version of shoes in the wardrobe will not be superfluous. Do not smell. With a good discount they cost like a cheap local "China". Feet do not sweat, and when sweating, moisture does not stand in a puddle sneaker. With color: I will exclusively wear such a kit with a pink jacket or a backpack of a similar shade. They fit perfectly in size. Feet comfortable, soft and comfortable. Why didn’t I buy shoes of the European brand? Now, in the season, it’s expensive, and the quality is also not always perfect, for example, there are shoes that were bought about 7 years ago, and I still wear certain clothes with pleasure and whole, but recently purchased Outventure boots (36 sizes) daughter at the beginning of the season for $ 60 fell apart in 2 months. Moreover, the load was minimal, worn like sports shoes to replace leather classic boots.
- The appearance during transportation is not broken
- There is no unpleasant smell from materials
- Inside soft, comfortable
- Sneakers are light enough
- Outsole with good lightweight tread, non-slip
- sewn neatly
- Season: early spring, autumn
- Easy to wash, the white sole has not turned yellow, it is easy to wash “until white” with a sponge and soap
- I didn’t completely immerse it in water, but with a daily hourly walk through the snowy forest (already wet snow) the leg does not get wet
- The leg even if sweats, then there is no sensation of charm in the shoes, sneakers do not smell, there is still the smell of new sports shoes
- The quality is not inferior to shoes of well-known manufacturers, not narrowly specialized, of course, for tourism and difficult outdoor work
- Given the discount, cheap
- Compliant seller
- The color, as for me, is binding: I will wear them only complete with an accessory of a similar shade
- The seller’s size chart does not match the actual size
- Without box
- Suede is suspiciously furry, but according to tests, natural
- Local warranty, sorry, no