Overview of women's hats from Aliexpress

A small reviewer of the women's hat (spring-autumn) from the Chinese site Aliexpress. The most it is now to order and have in the spring.
Course course, and the desire to buy all sorts of things onAli - it’s not gone anywhere) Although I’m not a special supporter of buying clothes on the network, and even more so on Ali, 4 bucks aren’t such money to worry too much about the result. With such a motto I designed my wife’s order for this hat.
There are options and quieter colors, but chose purposefully such as the one on top.

Delivery took a little more than a month, although the seller’s promise of 15-39 days hints that everything will be operational. But not fate, you see.

A short video of unpacking caps

As you can see, the only seam there is longitudinal and a bunch at the “butt”. Now, many, many detailed photos with sizes.
First, a close-up advertisement. Obviously, the seller spent about half of the amount spent on it for such a complicated product to manufacture as this hat, and I would be the last ungrateful pig if I just threw away the ad. So at least I will show people, and only then I will throw it out)




insides, info and kosyachki

But it doesn’t matter. After all, the main thing is that the suit is sitting, how will it look and whether it will be?

Even in the course of this small photo shoot, another jamb was found regrettable. But it is no longer clear whether we did it, or was out of the box. The wife says that this is easily fixable by pulling inward.

The hat is not guano, the hat is still a hat. Bright colors of such trifles are quite fun to diversify the overall style of clothing. However, for the winter and at temperatures below zero - suitable only in combination with a hood. Better yet, wear it in its season - fall-spring)
I wanted to put this hat on the cat, it turned out clumsily, because she and I want to sleep already)