Polarized Sunglasses, Bronze Brown, Replica Porsche Polaroid P8485

After the loss in the fall of those surveyed here: Review of Porsche Polaroid P8485 glasses - glasses that are great for my taste, I decided in the spring to find and order an analogue, but without the dumb Porsche logo (speed in the absence of a car of my brand =))
What came of it (photo and video) see under the cut
Ordered by Jan. 29 2015 for $ 7.53
With touching hope for sunny days already in March! And did not lose.
Now the discount is over (I wrote a review when it was 3 hours, when I ordered in January, the discount also ended)
Here is a snapshot and a screenshot with a real purchase price:

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Track Number: RJ360079655CN
Packing: a cardboard box and a little bubble in several layers.
Glasses without a logo, without any inscriptions on the glasses and the frame are otherwise identical.

On plastic arms, with a coating similar to matte soft touch, metal (alluy) lining painted bronze. Bronze is varnished.

On the inside of the glasses, a bluish tint is a kind of coating ... On other glasses with polarization, I have not seen this! This coating attracts fingerprints very much - and it is very difficult to erase them on the go.

- this is a minus, tangible and the only one that you can find fault with at such a price.
Photo on man:

Video decompression and polarization check:

Photo on ... instead of a pet with goods, I took a picture in the light cosplay of the Predator:
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