Unisex glasses at an attractive price

Hello everyone, dear Muscovites! I had free time, I want to share my new reviewer. This time about the legendary glasses! They, one might say, were my very first package with AliExpress.
I have long laid eyes on them, but prices bite everywhere, even in our stores. I ordered glasses in August, and then the price was 60 rubles, which seduced me.
I know perfectly well that this is not the original, which, according toto my standards, it’s very expensive! Already for "a thousand rubles," which I myself can’t afford. And I ordered these glasses rather as an accessory at sea. I don’t remember how many days they reached, but even at a price of 60 rubles, they were perfectly tracked here until delivery.
The packs were very good. To begin with, a large, dense yellow packet:

Next was a large bubble wrap, in which plus glasses were still in the bag:

Initially, I was looking for a turquoise shade of glass, but pretty much tormented in search, settled on this blue-green.

Due to the flash of the camera, they look like blue, but in real life they are blue-green. The glasses are very dark, which I was very surprised. I think for a walk along the promenade will be the most!
Here is a side and rear view:

They sit well, do not fly off, even if I sharply turn my head. I am very pleased with the points, I put 5 stars to the seller.
By the way, I will answer critics right away: I know perfectly well that this is not the original, that glass will peel off in the water and all that. I repeat, I ordered them as an accessory for a walk, and I'm definitely not going to bathe and sunbathe in them. For such a price they are beautifully made, the glasses do not stagger, I really like the color. Well, new ones can always be ordered, even for a hundred rubles, but, again, not for 300 rubles, as in stores. And there is exactly the same fake.