Disposable Women's Leggings or “Jeggings”

I recently flew leggings that wereordered for everyday wear, but, unfortunately, withstood only one exit, after which there were arrows from the seams. Under the cut, I’ll tell and show this nuisance, as well as a few first impressions.
Leggings were bought for 200.95 rubles. The price is very affordable, so they did not expect anything supernatural and super-quality.
Size: one size
Length: 92 cm
Waist: 66 cm
The circumference of my waist is 62 cm, so it turned out to be a little too big, there will be a photo below on me. The rest sat well.
They are declared for growth 155-170 cm. My height is 173, so they are a bit short for me, but for me personally this is more of a plus, I like Shurik-style)

Naturally they stretch very well, but within a reasonable

Photos of leggings, right after unpacking, no, I’ll show a little pokotsanye:
Fabric - pure synthetics, a little outsideoilcloth, inside soft and pleasant to the body. My feet weren’t scratched, there was no allergy. There was no unpleasant odor that distinguishes many Chinese products. The fabric does not shine through.
The seams are made more or less high quality, in places seamless technology is implemented

Well, now to the trouble. Immediately, after the first publication, arrows from causal places went from the above-mentioned fine seams. Less need to eat, you say, but, it seems, the thickness of the body within a reasonable.
Photo of arrows

We opened a dispute with the seller, let's see how it ends.
The photo is on me. As I wrote earlier, they are a little big to me at the waist.

In my case, I would wear these leggings with some kind of long top, if not for these arrows.
Photo with a long shirt

Well, and finally, a little fun. Failed frames.