About 6 thousand sales. One of Ali's most popular makeup brush kits

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Today I want to illuminate my photo review of one thing, in my opinion, indispensable and necessary literally for any girl who always cares about her appearance. As you might have guessed, it will be aboutA professional makeup brush kit purchased on Aliexpress. Such a set can be an excellent gift for any occasion, and be sure that those who accept this gift will appreciate it.

Product selection.
If a girl daily puts makeup on herif her face, even if it’s very light and inconspicuous, not to mention professional, she can’t do without makeup brushes. Without even noticing it, we constantly use them. Indeed, for example, in any package with shadows or blushes, the same make-up brushes are small in size.
When I first started using cosmetics, andit was after leaving school in the first year of university, then I had only a couple of basic makeup cosmetics in my makeup bag, but even then I bought two or three brushes for different purposes separately in the store. One was intended for the lips, the other for applying eyeshadow, the third for blush. Until now, these brushes have remained at my place, only now I no longer use them.
With the increase in facial cosmetics, I startedgrowing need for new makeup brushes. When I first saw these sets of brushes, then without a shadow of doubt I thought that I definitely needed to get them. Initially, I saw them not on the Aliexpress website, but somewhere on the Internet in some online store in Moscow, then I constantly saw them in all kinds of groups on well-known social networks, well, after that I deliberately found these sets on Ali and bought them there. For me, the most difficult thing was to decide on the choice, so to speak, of the model and color. On the Aliexpress website there are simply a great many for every taste and color, eyes just run up. By long efforts, I settled on a set with 24 and 32 brushes.

Choosing a seller. The price of the product. Cost and delivery time.
The average price of almost all over the world onreal professional makeup kits, even with fewer brushes in them, are about ten thousand rubles. This price is due to their excellent quality, natural pile, long service life, as well as the brand itself. And there are no discounts on such a product. Also, in any network cosmetic store on the stands with luxury cosmetics, you can find a variety of makeup brushes, which are almost always sold separately (there are eight small sets), and their cost per piece is more than one thousand rubles, or even more than two thousand Agree that prices are very bite. And those brushes that are sold in these same chain stores for 200-300 rubles apiece are full-fledged China without a special name.
I have one girlfriend who worksprofessional makeup artist (works in the salon, and also works part-time at home). When she started working at home, she bought a real and expensive set of makeup brushes for her work. But after a very short time, she left this expensive set for herself and bought a couple of Chinese sets of good quality and now works with them.
Most interestingly, Chinese brush sets inordinary online stores in Russia are not at all cheap. Depending on the type and model, their prices range from 2500 to 5000-6000 thousand rubles. So much for the extra charge.
In general, I bought two sets of brushes on the most popular links on Ali. The first set of 24 brushes (by which I write a review, in fact) I bought from this seller ru.aliexpress.com/store/909747 by this link aliexpress.com/item/2013-new-Professional-24-Makeup-Brush-Set-tools-Make-up-Toiletry-Kit-Wool-Brand-Make-Up/844050187.html
I bought a second set of 32 brushes from this seller ru.aliexpress.com/store/1020980 by this link aliexpress.com/item/Superior-Professional-Soft-Cosmetic-Makeup-Brush-Set-Kit-Pouch-Bag-Case-Woman-s-32-Pcs-Make/32242073486.html
I bought two sets, because I couldn’t for suremake a choice. I decided that when they come to me, then I’ll choose one for myself, and I’ll give the other to my friend. Both sets cost almost $ 12, including "free" shipping - it's quite inexpensive.
Both orders went to me almost a little more than one month. traffic on one parcel.
Received parcels in the mail. They came safe and sound.

Product Feature + Purchase Impressions.
After both of these sets arrived, I was already able to decide on the one I would personally keep. After seeing and evaluating their appearance, I decided to leave myself a set with 24 brushes.
I didn’t like two things in the set with 32 brushes:
1) I did not like the pile on the largest brushes, compared with a set of 24 brushes, here the pile was rougher or something;
2) a lot of the same, essentially unnecessary brushes.
But in this set I really liked the case itselffor brushes, very nice and soft. In a set with 24 brushes, the case is rougher, but I liked the brushes there more in quality. Unfortunately, the set with 32 brushes is no longer with me, so there are no personal photos to it, but I am enclosing a photo of my set.

A brief description of a set of 24 brushes:
- at the first opening of the package, the cover did not smell at all, as some write in the reviews, and the second cover with 32 brushes did not smell either;
- the cover itself is made of artificial leather, made well and of high quality;
- brushes on wooden sticks, everything is smooth andhigh-quality, the pile on some varies depending on the purpose of the brush, the pile is very nice and soft, it does not come out of the brushes (goat hair and synthetic hair are part of the pile).
Paint what brush and why I will not,it is clear that they are all intended for the face, some brushes for eyeshadow, some for correctors, for eyeliner, for blush, for foundation, etc. All this is in the product descriptions on the seller’s website.

Summing up, I can say that the purchase remainedcompletely satisfied in the best sense of the word. The product is fully consistent with the description and appearance. On the brushes themselves there may be different names, but I can be without names at all, but this does not change their quality. I have been using these brushes for more than a year, they are all in the same original form. I wash them once a week in an ordinary soap solution and everything is OK. I recommend the product for purchase. The stated price is more than justified.
Thank you for reading to the end. See you all again!