Organizer for mobile accessories and gadgets.

Summer season is coming and wearable needs to be updated" property. My old bag / organizer was already worn out and I needed to find a replacement. I purchased this work of skilled craftsmen on Ali. The resume is valid.
The store sells two sizes L and S plus several colors, ordered the largest L (28 * 20 * 3.5cm), gray.
Price dynamics at the time of order.

The package came in a simple package, and the bag itself is also in the "zip lock" package.

There is a lanyard for wearing, fastened with a snap hook and snap hook for a sewn ring.

The seams are all even, no threads sticking out. The front material is quite dense, to the touch like a summer jeans, under the lining everywhere there is a softening pad. Lightnings are sewn up qualitatively. The tongues of the runners with ribbons do not rattle.

Inside there are two compartments, one with two storage systems and the second with two pockets - mesh (divided into 2/3 and 1/3) and deaf with a valve.


General form.

There is also a short “tongue” for the SD card.

We fill it with necessary, there is no excessyes, great! From a large fit - PB Aukey 30Ah, dual-port network charging Aukey, Litokala 200, "emergency" phone, a mini set of screwdriver + nozzles.

The zippers fastened freely, the average thickness was 7-8 cm, just in the side pocket of a backpack.

P.S. Auchan / Fixprice / Ikea, etc. do not offer, we are closer to bears than to your blessings.