Original (Refurbished) Dualshock 3 Gamepad

Good day, dear Muscovites. I offer you a review of the Dualshock3 gamepad. Interested please under cat.
Immediately make a reservation that I am not a fanconsoles (PC is our everything), but in childhood, probably like everyone else, he played on Dandy, Sege and the first Game Station. And now I'm a little tormented by nostalgia for those games and no, no, I want to drive a mustachioed plumber or chopped into tekken3. For a laptop I bought a simple gamepad for 200rubles and he suited everyone, until I connected it to the tablet. It turned out that on Android, not everything is as simple as on a normal PC, and to connect the gamepad to the tablet, you need to dance well with a tambourine. As a result, I threw this venture with games on the tablet. Until I came across this review.
As a result, I ordered myself a model with vibration. The order was placed on April 13th, and on May 15th I picked it up at the post office. The package came in such a box:

Inside was the gamepad itself and 2 rubber nozzles onsticks. There was no protection, not even a speckled film = ((But, fortunately, the contents were not damaged. The performance is five. All buttons are normally pressed, no sticking was noticed. The quality of the case is also excellent. A few photos:

Admiring the look and putting on rubbersticks on the sticks began the process of “pairing” with the tablet. And ... for a long time I could not understand how this device even turns on and how to connect it to the tablet. Then he decided to connect it via usb and, hallelujah, the Sony tablet joyfully recognized his distant relative and established a bluetooth connection with him.

No additional gestures to configurenot required. When the tablet is locked, the gamepad turns off after a while. To reconnect, just click the button with the Playstation logo. Menu navigation works and the tablet is normally controlled by a gamepad. Now you can play games with pleasure.

The only thing that upset is not workingvibration. and I still have no idea how to run it. In epsxe, when you turn on the vibration, the tablet vibrates, and the gamepad is silent. At first I thought that the Chinese cheated by sending the ordinary Sixasis instead of Dualshock. But, having disassembled it, I saw 2 vibromotors. And having plenty of time having gathered since the 10th, he gathered it back.

Either these motors do not work, or, what is moreprobably the vibration will only work when connected to the console. I do not have Ps3, so there is nothing to check on. If someone knows how to turn on vibration, please tell me in the comments.
Pleased with autonomy. After unpacking, it charged it for about an hour. I play somewhere for half an hour a day. And still showing a high level of charge (10 days have passed).
Total. Almost satisfied with the purchase, but saddened by the lack of vibration. I can’t say how original it is, because I didn’t see the original alive. Owners of smartphones and tablets from Sony can be taken, but it is probably better to take a simple sixasis from the same seller. I definitely can’t advise Ps3 owners, because I did not check it on the console.
Thank you all for your attention and good and high-quality games will come with you =)
P.S. Checked the gamepad in the MotioninJoy Gamepad Tool. Vibro motors work.