Great replica Salomon speedcross 3

For a long time I thought about ordering a replica of Salomon Speedcross 3, I was afraid that the quality would be poor. But, in the end, I decided.
What came of this read under the cut.
On the way to a healthy lifestyle, I decided thatIt’s worth doing jogging, but there were no suitable sneakers. A short search led me to this model, but in Russia the price for them is quite high, as for me - 4-7 thousand. rub.
I became interested in replicas, and found a good option, according to reviews, in Ali. In my 45th, bourgeois 11.5 was offered. I thought for a long time, I was wondering, but in the end I decided to order.
The parcel was sent quite quickly and after 25 days I received them.
They were packed in a regular garbage mail bag, inside a bubble wrap, another bag and, in fact, the sneakers themselves.

After carefully checking them, 2 small kosyachki were discovered - holes in the sole under the insole in each shoe. Now I’m afraid that they would not split up and think whether it is worthwhile to open a dispute about this?
Small marriage

It seemed to me that everything was rather solidly stitched, glued, although slight traces of glue are visible, but only upon closer examination.
Traces of glue

Otherwise, there are no complaints about sneakers, allthe inscriptions are in place, the seams are even, the thread does not stick out and in general the thing is very similar to the original, in any case, when comparing with the originals from the photo, I did not notice the difference at all. I suggest looking at them in more detail.
Many photos from various angles

As for the comfort of socks, it seemed to methat the crosses are a little small for me, although they are not small, the insole is indeed 29.5 cm in length. I have a high rise and a wide foot. So the 12th, which is not in principle, as far as I understand, would be more suitable for me. But I can’t say that it was inconvenient for me to run in them. It ran quite comfortably 6.5 km., So they passed the first test successfully :)
On foot

In general, I think that the thing is quite high-quality, it definitely costs its money. I recommend to buy!