Review of the Zaful female cocoon coat: is it really winter?

Hi, there. Today I share my impressions of buying a coat in a Chinese online store. In a positive mood from a coat I bought earlier, with the idea of ​​updating my wardrobe cheaply, I ordered it in the spring. I had the experience of buying an online winter coat, which I now wear with enormous pleasure. Yes, yes, here we have such weather that in early May,wrapping myself in a warm scarf, I am still hiding in a warm coat. I feel new, do not have time to update this season, the other day they promise +20 already. I honestly read the comments on my reviews, and so on, writing to the previous review, that I was lucky the first and last time to buy Chinese clothes ... envy
Dimension table
Packing and packaging
The medium-sized mail package was picked up at the post office. The dimensions of the package and the weight assured that the coat was designed most likely for late spring or early autumn. Coat weight - only 600g. The coat was packed in a cellophane envelope and crumpled pretty. However, it quickly hung on the hanger and did not lose shape.
First impressions
Trying on a coat, she was delighted: despite its dullness, it is colorful, stylish, the fabric is pleasant, perfect in size. I’ll tell you a secret: in the seller’s store there are a large number of reviews with real photos, so I was ready for some nuances. I admit, I expected that the name “coat” is relevant only to the style, but not to the density of the fabric. I expected that there could be a smell from the product. After unpacking, the smell of damp was felt, but over time, it disappeared. Looking at me, the teenage daughter also wanted to try it on, I agree, it suits her even more: a fashionable little coat for a young girl.
This style is called a cocoon coat. In my vision, a stylish straight-cut jacket with a single-breasted collar. In cut, one feels complete minimalism - one button, a very narrow mandarin collar (the name is from Ancient China, tangerines are civil servants who wore clothes with such collars), pockets are sewn, there are no flaps, no lapels, sleeves without cuffs and buttons.
My jacket, at first glance, seems rustic, but I do not agree, restraint in colors and a good cut will give grace to any figure in it.
This coat is replete with alternating black, grayand white threads, but since weaving is frequent, in general, the color is gray, winning, in my opinion. Gray perfectly combines with many interesting colors.
Not a single tag, company label on the productfound neither on care nor on the composition of the material. The seller’s description says that the coat is made of woolen fabric, I will not argue. To the touch, the texture of the fabric is soft, pleasant to the body, the material is quite thin, in my opinion, for sewing a coat, however, this does not prevent the product from keeping its shape. I suppose the material is from varieties of boucle. According to its characteristics, the fabric has heat protection, breathability, softness and lightness, crush resistance.
Minimum details, modest style and discreet coloreasily give the base to create an image according to your mood. The ability to finish the coat for yourself: a brooch, a voluminous scarf or a bright handbag, hat, heel or sneakers - the choice of emphasis is yours.
The product is of high quality, carefully sewn, there are no protruding threads and curved seams.
My parameters are 84-60-90, I ordered size S.
If someone liked this jacket, here are measurements of the details:
Back length - 75cm
Sleeve length - 59cm
Sleeve length at the inner seam - 44cm
On the shoulders - 38cm
POG 48cm
FOB 48cm
The pockets are quite deep, were originally sewn up.
On my figure, the jacket is ideal complete with trousers and wide open, and I don’t see the point of fastening one button on such a thin coat.
Additional Information

Stylish jacket, so I want to call itcoat, it does not reach the winter. Only in late spring or early autumn. The style is very original, practical and comfortable. I think any fashionista wants to have a coat or a jacket of such a cut in her wardrobe. This thing really will decorate any figure, in the kit with it I want to wear something like this: skinny or 7/8 trousers, a silk blouse or pencil skirt, and the color of this jacket will not dominate the outfit of a romantic person, it will give way to any bright details, however, if you prefer an office style - the jacket will be a successful completion of the outfit as a whole. I am very happy with the purchase, the price is quite adequate, the size, thanks to the seller’s table, guessed right. I recommend to buy.

  • Excellent material quality and tailoring
  • Gives femininity to the figure
  • Perfect in size
  • The price is acceptable
  • Good color


  • I do not agree with the seller’s description that the coat is winter