Mercury Futur T-Shaver Reviews: Ideal Shaving Machines and Blades

Little background.
Go to the T-machine made banal greedand laziness. I shave in a day or two, during which time the stubble grows back enough to hammer Mach3's head, which comes to perfect sky-readyness, spoils in general. I tried to solve the problem by switching to Slalom (there are fewer blades, it should clog less and rinse better) but in vain.
For about a year I used WEISHI 9306-FL,which with a long handle, in principle, is not bad, but the low aggressiveness of the head made us use a certain force during the shaving process. Because of this, scratches periodically occurred. The change of blades did not particularly affect anything. On occasion, I purchased this copy from Qshave, hoping that adjusting the aggressiveness of the blade angle will help.
I did not record the unpacking, sorry.
It makes no sense to bring a track, e-packet delivery took 11 days from the moment the track was received.
The parcel arrived in a regular bag, additionally wrapped in a little bubble wrap.
The box is a little jammed, but I can’t give it to me.
The kit corresponds to the one declared by the seller: a nice box with a good print, a blade box, the razor itself.
The first time was shaved with an Indian Lazer blade from Soviet times. He set the pen to aggressiveness of 3.5 and shaved without effort and scratches. I was very surprised.
Razors themselves

Their mass (I know some are interested)

The blade clamp is asymmetrical, removing its blade flies very often, it may not be used to it yet.

Compared using Arco soap and a medium-quality Dorco blade

Impressions: with “1” aggressiveness set, Qshave is very similar to WEISHI 9306-FL, it does not completely cut the bristles from the first pass, periodically leaving hairs. On “3” it turns out quite clean, “6” does not bring any benefit to these blades.
2 passes are enough (for hair growth and across), WEISHI 9306-FL has to go through yet.
It is not necessary to press Qshave to the face; its shaving mass is quite enough.
It is washed easily.
The mechanism for adjusting aggressiveness is quite tight, does not rotate independently. The head is fixed well, the radius of the blade is uniform.
The shaver comes in grease, no soapwashed off, in the mechanism for adjusting the lubrication is also enough (marked with a green arrow). The workmanship, if not excellent, is very good, casting flaws do not affect anything, the coating is even.

With a wet hand, both razors are held equally firmly, with a soapy hand it is easier to hold WEISHI 9306-FL.
I will not return to WEISHI 9306-FL, Qshave with a good blade works fine.
It seems that if you forgot what, ask, I’ll tell you.