First aid for small cuts and scratches in Chinese. We test on ourselves

Of course, it’s better to buy medical supplies ata pharmacy. But sometimes the presence of coupons pushes for bold purchases. For mere pennies, a pack of 100 napkins impregnated with isopropyl alcohol and two packs of 50 pieces each, adhesive plasters for treating small cuts was purchased.
Now I read a review about alcohol wipes and judging by the comments, their use for medical purposes remains in question.
But I liked the patch, it turned out to be even nothing.
I’ll start the review right away with testing, and then consider the product. After receiving the parcel with the patches, I wanted to try and test them, but for the sake of review I’m not ready to scratch or cut myself yet.
The Chinese immediately kindly provided me with this opportunity)))
After receiving the redlightgreen brass / blog / china-stores / 27182.html and its disassembly assemblies, noticed a couple of small cuts on the index finger. It turned out to be a very sharp rough edge near the thread. I would not pay attention to them or I would wipe the maximum with a cologne, but I decided to try the patch.

We get a napkin and adhesive from the packaging.

Wipe the place of cut with a napkin.

And glue with a band-aid.

Now you can consider in more detail.
I got two packs of 50 each.

On the front side is the number and size of adhesives.

At the back we can see the brand name of Doctor Nuoning and the name of the product, the rest of the information is in Chinese.

Inside are patches in the form of ribbons of 25 pieces.

Here is a separate package.

The patch is made of non-woven material.

The glue side is covered with two pieces of glossy paper.

In the middle there is a napkin to protect the damaged area of ​​the skin.

Since the review of alcohol wipes is already on the resource, I’ll just give a link and post some photos.
Here is one of the most popular lots.
Packaging costs $ 2.32

In a box of 100 napkins.

Packed in 2 pieces together.

Single pack.

Inside white non-woven fabric impregnated with alcohol.
Let's see how my finger is doing. I got scratched in the morning, and then I had a pretty busy day. I worked and ate with my hands. I tried not to mess the patch all the time.
The next day, intending to take it off soon, without regret, he drenched it while washing and shaving.
He, of course, got out, but he kept the glue perfectly. The skin breathed well under the patch. Soaked, quickly dried.

I used to have some kind of American oilcloth with perforation. I liked this one a lot more.
I do not urge you to buy medical supplies from China, but if you do not know what else to buy with a coupon, then you can think about these plasters.
I bought from this link
The price has risen.
Now I found the lot with the lowest price, a link to it and attached it to the review.
That's all
Do not be ill.