A patch for warts and other papillomas

Works. There are photos before, during and after. As well as instructions for use.
It's no secret that 50% of the world's population in the bodyvarious papilloma viruses inhabit, but they appear, or not, depends on the specific organism. Medicine is powerless here, you can keep the virus at a maximum or act more radically when it manifests. One person can live his whole life without knowing about the presence of the virus, while in another the virus appears at the moment of weakening of the immune system.
The background is simple.
Suddenly, something appeared on the finger, and from tearing and picking it simply increased. It was decided to try the solution offered by the Chinese on the main page of Alik in burning goods.
I immediately took 25 pieces for $ 7.77, guessing how it works. Yes, and just about.
Yes - the more pieces, the lower the price. And the Chinese seem to have put even more. 27 in my opinion.
For starters - packaging. An ordinary Chinese box with hieroglyphs. Everything is as in the picture.

Inside is a patch, instructions in pure Chinese and a scalpel. Based on the fact that they are not comfortable using their hands, we can conclude that it is inserted into some standard holder.

The patch consists of adhesive tape, a neoprene ring and a pink active substance in the form of a molded powder.

Let's get started?
The investigated object, start on 11/27/2016

1. First of all, it is recommended to wash the skin and, as it were, to abrade (with nail files, heels, emery, etc.) a part of the insensitive surface epithelium for greater efficiency. You can not do this. But get ready to spend the extra patch. I spent))
2. The patch is glued intuitively - pink powder to the wart. This is according to the instructions. But in fact, after that you need to take the usual “reel” patch and fix the whole thing tightly, because stock tape peels off once or twice. Without fanaticism, really. It should be fixed, not clamped. The maximum will be slight discomfort, which will pass in a couple of hours. If the finger (or something there) is numb - the patch is pinched excessively, it is necessary to glue it looser.
It looks something like this, photo already in the evening

3. How much to keep? If the skin is delicate, female, children's, etc. - that day. The male version is 48 hours, and no less. It is important to understand that this powder must be moisturized by the evaporation of the skin, and then penetrate inside by about 2 mm. And if the skin is rough, or weakly glued - there simply will not be a reaction. In other words, there should be a kind of “compost”, “steam room” under the patch. Do not wet, as the powder can be washed with running water. On the other hand, the bobbin patch is quite thick and prevents water from getting inside.
During the action of the patch, slight tingling is possible. It should be so. If it is not there, then there is most likely no reaction either.
4. We remove.
The investigated object, after 48 hours

What do we see? The powder worked. The skin is completely under anesthesia. The boundaries of the papilloma became clear, it is obviously smaller than it seemed. The area under anesthesia was slightly swollen. This is normal.
What will happen next? White skin under anesthesia will become normal after 24 hours. Blood circulation and nerve conduction will return, so guys, IMPORTANT, you don’t need to cut anything off or tear it off. The pink pigment will dissolve, wash off, or rub off.
What to do in 24 hours?
If the wart was small, say, with a match head, most likely that's all. Just waiting for recovery, periodically doing a peeling of the surface.
But if such as in the review, we do the following. With scissors or tweezers we remove the dead skin above the papilloma, we reach the “normal”, if it can be called that. If we see that there, under the bottom, something similar to vertical columns - bursting capillaries, etc. - then we repeat everything again: glue for 48 hours, wait 24 hours, check. And so in a circle.
All in all, I spent 4 patches: the first - since it did not mystify the skin, the powder did not penetrate deep enough; the second is, as it were, normal use; the third - since there were clearly traces of “living” papillomas; and the fourth - to consolidate the result. I can say that you need to observe the result even after the "last" patch of the patch. If at the place of the papilloma it is as if something looks like columns (in contrast to the horizontal placement of the layers of the epithelium), then you need to glue again for 48 hours.
It passed, of course, earlier, but only now absolutely no trace remained on the skin.
The investigated object, finish 01/22/2017

The patch works if taken thoroughly. The magic “stuck and forget” does not work here. But the skin is fully restored, no traces, scars or scars remain.
All OK.